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What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do For Men In Spring Texas?

What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do For Men In Spring Texas? 988 1024 Tony

What can Cosmetic Dentistry do for Men in Spring Texas?

In the recent years, men of all ages have been seeking out ways to look better. They have raised concerns about their general health and appearance, and their smile is no exception. Not all men are born with a good set of teeth due to genetics; however, for those who have an average set of teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help to improve them.

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental works that rectify the appearance of teeth, gums or one’s bite movement. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise are some familiar names in the movie industry that owe their stellar smiles to cosmetic dentistry.

At Vita Dental Spring, we love to see that so many men are now embracing cosmetic dentistry to enhance their appearance. There are a various cosmetic dentistry procedure that can improve a man’s smile. These may include:

Addition of dental material like bonding, placing porcelain veneers or crowns or gum grafts to the teeth or gums.

Removal of gum (gingivectomy) and tooth structure(enameloplasty)

Teeth whitening/bleaching or gum depigmentation

Teeth straightening for enhancing and improvement of facial appearance

Designing a smile that fits a person’s face and personality is very important in men. Male facial features such as a prominent square jawline or shape of the nose help to determine the length and shape of the teeth.

According to Vita Dental Spring, men may have conditions that affect their teeth after some time can undermine their appearance. These might include:

Taking certain antibiotics, such as tetracycline or doxycycline, can stain teeth. Medications, such as those prescribed for hypertension, diabetes, and prostate health, experience dry mouth as a side effect. Dry mouth heightens the risk for tooth decay resulting in cavities.

Smoking, drinking coffee, and poor oral hygiene

Years of playing contact sports such as football, rugby without protection such as a mouth guard can result in trauma on the front teeth. 

Bruxism, otherwise known as tooth grinding and clenching the jaws when stressed can erode the tooth structure over time, leaving the teeth vulnerable, exposed, and more prone to chips and fractures.

The risk of developing acid reflux is higher in men than in women. Acid reflux can dissolve away the enamel, leaving the teeth thin and yellow.

When under stress, men also tend to clench their jaw and grind their teeth, weakening the enamel.

Here are some of the reasons why men should be interested in cosmetic dentistry.

Improve Your Bite

After useful dental procedures, your bite will improve immensely. Your teeth will no longer be damaged every time you bite down. You will be able to enjoy biting down just about any type of food again. However, you might want to stay away from all those sweets, so you don’t hurt your teeth all over again.

It Can Boost Your Earnings

Did you know that having a more attractive smile can increase your ability to provide for you and your family? Men who have an eye-catching smile can earn more than their counterparts with less appealing smiles.

Studies have shown that people with straight, white teeth are more likely to be hired over the counterparts with similar qualifications.

Has Professional Benefits

Cosmetic dentistry offers professional benefits. In some professions, like modeling or show business (Acting, Music, Media Personalities, and Public Figures), the advantage may be much higher, especially if you’re fighting for your position against young and ambitious candidates. A smile makeover is a nonsurgical facelift that helps you look and feel significantly younger.

People in sales are under pressure to have an alluring smile they can show. Such people may be willing to buy more and pay twice as much for products, especially if the results are good. Men in Spring Texas who feel embarrassed by their smile at work can feel the difference and know that cosmetic dentistry at Vita Dental Spring can help.

It Can Help Your Love Life

Studies prove that both men and women respond more positively to people who have healthy smiles. Men associate healthy smiles with success and professionalism.

Women, on the other hand, associate an attractive smile with a warm and caring personality. A beautiful smile is the main thing that women are looking for in a date. An unpleasant and unhealthy smile can have an intense impact on your love life.

Whether you’re a young man on the dating scene or a divorcee, having clean, aligned, and bright teeth is a vital asset. And if you are not comfortable with your smile, you might want to visit Vita Dental Spring for cosmetic dentistry.

Do you live in Spring, Texas? What’s preventing you from getting your smile makeover? Or are you afraid that other people will judge you?

There is nothing more masculine than a man who sees what he wants and goes for it. Smile makeovers are appropriate for men too. To know more about smile makeovers for men, call your cosmetic dentist at Spring Texas today and begin your journey to a healthier and more appealing smile.