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What Are Dental Sealants, Who Should Get Them, And How Long Do They Last?

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What Are Dental Sealants, Who Should Get Them, And How Long Do They Last?

It has become quite common for children to get dental sealants when they visit a dental practice. If you inspect your molars and notice a white filling in the groves, this material is known as a sealant.

You might be wondering whether sealants are the best option for your kids. Maybe you might even be thinking of getting sealants. If you want to learn more about them, read on to find out what our dental experts at Vita Dental Spring think about them.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are dental devices made of a special plastic that is usually clear or white. The dentist positions the sealant on top of teeth with deep grooves. The aim is to prevent any damage from occurring.

The idea is that the plastic will cover the pits, which will ensure bacteria, acids, and sugar cannot get into them and cause tooth decay. The sealants are a physical barrier that protects the vulnerable areas of the tooth. However, this will only work if you combine it with other healthy practices such as dental cleanings. If you live in the Spring, TX area and surrounding areas, you can visit Vita Dental spring for a dental cleaning.

Who Needs Dental Sealants?

In general, we at Vita Dental Spring would advise that a child get dental sealants as soon as their permanent back teeth grow. Getting the sealants will ensure that the deep grooves on the surface of teeth fill in before bacteria have a chance to cause decay. Protecting molars from the start will ensure that cavities or other dental issues have less chance of taking hold.

While sealants are often suitable for kids, some adults might need to have them later in life. It is especially so if they develop pits in their teeth where there were none before. It is the same procedure no matter the age of the patient. The only difference is that the amount of damage a tooth might have suffered before the sealant was applied.

How Are They Applied?

Before a dental sealant is applied, the tooth is cleaned using superior solutions. Deep tooth cleaning will ensure that all the bacteria that might be on the surface of the tooth are dead. An acidic solution is applied on the tooth surface to roughen it at the microscopic level. It will ensure that the sealant can securely grip onto the tooth.

Once the tooth dries up, the sealant is applied as a liquid onto the pits and fissures on the surface of the tooth. It is then set using a special light, or it will place on itself without any curing. Once it has dried, it is ready for use and the person can chew as they would.

How Long Will Sealants Last?

Sealants are designed to last for years. In some cases, they can last a lifetime. If the sealant is damaged, it is possible to do a replacement on the same tooth.

How to Take Care of Dental Sealants

Once the dental sealant is in place, you will not need any special precautions. Just ensure that you brush twice a day and floss often. Besides that, ensure that you come in for your dental checkup after every six months. You can visit Vita Dental Spring if you live in the Spring, TX area. For extra protection, you should use a non-alcoholic, fluoridated mouthwash once you are done brushing your teeth.

The Sealants Do Not Feel Right

Since the bottom and top teeth fit snugly, the foreign substance can feel a bit uncomfortable. It is normal, and the discomfort will go away after a few days. In just a week or two, you will get used to it. As you chew and grind the teeth, the sealants will be shaped to fit snugly in your mouth. However, if the sealants cause you actual pain, you need to get in touch with a dental office. Contact Vita Dental Spring if you live in Spring, TX.

What Happens Without Sealants?

If teeth have deep pits, they are susceptible to decay. The reason is that bacteria can get into the tiny crevices and start to grow. Getting to such cracks with a toothbrush might prove quite difficult. As a result, they will continue to grow with time, and they will eventually start eating at the enamel.

With time, this will lead to cavities, which can progress to decay and eventual tooth loss. Before that happens, you will be in a lot of pain and discomfort. The sealants will help you avoid ever having to deal with such issues.

When should children get sealants?

The best time to have dental sealants is when the child is as young as possible. In most cases, the procedure will only take a few minutes. Besides that, it is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of treating cavities.