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Use These 10 Tricks to Teach Your Kids Better Dental Guidelines 

Use These 10 Tricks to Teach Your Kids Better Dental Guidelines  150 150 Tony

Use These 10 Tricks to Teach Your Kids Better Dental Guidelines 

Are you a parent and you are scared of a dentist, then you could be passing this fear to your children according to Vita Dental Spring. Kids will always try to live by the example their parents set. Parents, therefore, should spark an interest in their kids to enable them to have conscious of their dental and oral hygiene.

From regular visits to the dentist to encouraging daily brushing there are many ways parents can ensure that their kids grow up observing a healthy dental formula. Rather than passing on fear to kids, teach them the following habits instead:

Lead by Example

Parents are regarded as the first teachers of their children and should, therefore, be role models for the kids to follow. When children observe that their parents often maintain remarkably good care of their dental hygiene, then they are also likely to be as responsible as the parents.

The toddler should see their parents brush their teeth at least twice in a day, floss their teeth and even during dental visits. As a parent make sure you lead by example when it comes to passing good oral habits to your kids.

Embrace Technology

Going techie involves introducing your children to things like a toothbrush in the form of toys. You can choose to buy toys that look like a toothbrush to make them familiar with these technological tools. Children are very keen and observant with electronic gadgets Their curiosity sparks interest and attention towards the habit of brushing teeth.

Try getting them an electric toothbrush which may be fun when using. A dolphin shaped bathroom tap can also be attractive to them.

Make Brushing Time Interesting

The best way of luring children into brushing teeth is by making brushing time a story time. too. Come up with stories that are entertaining incorporate characters to portray the advantages of keeping their teeth clean. Singing and listening to interesting songs while brushing can also be a brilliant move to attract them to the habit.

Alternatively, allow them to brush teeth while they are watching their favorite cartoon characters or movies on television.

Show Them How

Parents can create time for teaching young kids how to observe healthy oral hygiene. Teach them the benefits of having clean teeth and an odor-free mouth. By so doing, the kids will always abide by these instructions as they grow into adults.

At a young age, it is easier to make oral hygiene a habit to children than when they have grown up. Talk to a professional dentist for better guidelines on kid’s dental care.

Use Visual Help

Visual help is a more creative and persuasive way of oral health education. Vita Dental Spring suggests that using graphical and visual elements conveys the minds of readers and observers more than anything else. By applying the use of visual slides, you will be able to disclose to your kids the dangers of poor oral hygiene.

Give Them Tools Needed

At the age of around 5 to 7 years, kids start to appreciate tools that help them in structuring their oral hygiene. Parents can, therefore, provide them with items like alarm clocks that go off when it’s time for brushing teeth.

Make Brushing A Family Activity

Just as taking meals is a family activity, make brushing of teeth also a family activity where all members of the family gather in a bathroom to clean their teeth after meals. Let children have fun during this exercise to make them look forward to the next session.

The activity should, however, follow a specific schedule. By being consistent, the child knows that particular times are always for brushing teeth. This helps children have a preset mind before its time for brushing teeth or any other oral care hygiene exercise.

Keep It Positive

Don’t threaten your child by telling them scary things about not brushing their teeth. Keep it positive by advising them on the importance and advantages of a healthy and clean mouth. Tell them about the effects of bad breath and plaque. This will motivate them always to clean their mouth to avoid the health effects.

Offer Rewards

As a parent, treat children to a small reward if they observe the hygiene. Appreciate them by buying them their favorite toys or teddy bears. When the children are rewarded, they will always be keen on keeping good oral hygiene in anticipation of other rewards later on.

Let Them Decide

Let children choose their own toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. They will prefer to occasionally play with items or toys they chose themselves because it gives them a sense of responsibility. This makes them look forward to brushing their teeth with those toothbrushes.

With these tricks, teaching your kids about oral hygiene will be a walk in the park. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your kids observe oral health from a tender age. This helps them to be more responsible grown-ups. Vita Dental Spring offers you an affordable family dentistry.