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Top Reasons to Get an Oral Cancer Screening Today

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Top Reasons to Get an Oral Cancer Screening Today

Oral Cancer Screening that is performed by a trained medical expert must be part of your dental care routine. The aim of performing oral cancer screening is detecting early symptoms of oral cancer. This is because the early detection of any cancer disease is key to successful testing. Here are some of the reasons why we at Vita Dental Spring believe that you should get oral cancer screenings often.

Oral Cancer Is On the Rise

A significant reason why you should be tested for oral cancer is that there has been a reported increase in oral cancer cases in the US. These cases are affecting even traditionally low-risk demographics such as teens and non-smokers. The trip to the dentist should not be just about cleaning teeth and checking for cavities. It must also include screening for the severe symptoms of oral cancer. If suspicious, you can be sent for further tests.

You Have an Increased Risk Factor

If you are at a high-risk factor for oral cancer, it is crucial to prioritize oral cancer screening. One of the risk factors is age. If you are a person of over 50 years, there is an increased risk of you contracting oral cancer.

Besides that, if you are a heavy alcohol user, ensure that you are often screened for oral cancer. Another definite risk factor is tobacco use. Whether you use pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigar, or cigarettes, you are at an increased risk of oral cancer. Whether you are using tobacco now or have used it in the past, it is vital that you be screened for oral cancer.

Another important risk factor is significant exposure to the sun. Sunlight, especially for prolonged periods can have damaging consequences to your oral health. Additionally, if you have been previously diagnosed for any type of cancer, there an increased risk factor of contracting oral cancer. Ensure you are screened at every opportunity you get.

Regular Screening Increases the Chances of Detection

If you have been wondering how often you need to be screened for oral cancer, it should be each time you are in the dental chair. When you visit the dental office such as Vita Dental Spring, oral cancer screening should be part of the checkup routine.

It has been found that the more screening, the better the chances of detection. In fact, everyone who is involved in your oral care at the dental office should know how to screen you for cancer. This way, if one dental expert misses an abnormally, the second pair of eyes might see it. If this screening intensity is maintained, it increases the chances that it will be detected in the early stages.

New Testing Methods Are Always Being Developed

In recent years, the medical community has come up with new technology that helps with better early-stage oral cancer detection. Lights and dyes can help to illuminate any abnormal cell groups inside the mouth. These tests are new, but they are an essential part of aggressive prevention. Thus, the more often you are tested, the more likely it is that you will benefit from modern technology used for oral cancer testing.

Oral Cancer Screening Costs Nothing

When you incorporate oral cancer into your regular dental checkup, we at Vita Dental Spring do not charge anything extra. Thus, you will get all the benefits of early cancer detection without having to pay anything. As a result, you should not have any excuse as to why you are not being screened for oral cancer.

It Is Easy

If your dentist does not often conduct oral cancer screening, ask him to do it. The oral cancer screening is surprisingly smooth and does not cause you any discomfort. The dentist will perform the examination without asking for any details from you. In just a few minutes, he or she will be done. Thus, unlike other types of cancer, you have no excuse for not being screened early enough

What Happens During Screening?

During oral cancer screening, the dentist will conduct a visual inspection. This will include an examination of the tongue, lips, and gums. Besides that, he or she will use a gloved finger to check for things such as lumps in your mouth. Of course, ensure that you tell the dentist if you have noticed any anomalies such as lumps, sores, pain, bleeding, and discoloration.


We at Vita Dental Spring take pride in helping all our patients maintain excellent oral health besides offering beautiful smiles. If you want an oral cancer screening in Spring, Texas, book an appointment with us for a dental cleaning.

We can help you maintain a bright and healthy smile as well as general oral health. To do this, we combine dental experts and modern dental equipment. Our dentists are always going for refresher courses to ensure that we give you the best possible care at all times.