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Top Denture Tips You Should Follow

Top Denture Tips You Should Follow 150 150 Tony

Top Denture Tips You Should Follow

Dentures can boost your confidence and improve your overall appearance. Dentures can help to make your face look full and even help some look younger. Missing teeth can affect your speech and ability to chew food. Thus, dentures can be useful in helping you speak clearly so that others can understand you. However, if you are new to dentures, they can feel a bit awkward. Here are some of the tips that we at Vita Dental Spring think you should follow if you use dentures.

Ensure You Maintain A Balanced Diet

If you are new to dentures, you should start with soft foods that are easy to chew such as fish, yogurt, eggs, ice cream and cooked vegetables. At the start, take smaller bites than you normally do. However, it is important that you maintain a balanced diet. Otherwise, your overall health will start to deteriorate. You might consider working with a nutritionist to ensure you get all the nutrients you need.

Do Not Stop Brushing

You may not have your original teeth but that does not mean you should stop brushing. Like real teeth, dentures can still develop tartar. First, ensure that you rinse dentures to get rid of the food particles. Brush the dentures using a soft-bristled brush or a specific denture brush. Do not use bleaching agents or they may damage the dentures. If you use denture adhesive, ensure you remove the adhesive each time you brush.

Get Rid of Plaque and Bacteria

Researchers have tracked various respiratory tract illnesses to oral bacteria. Thus, you need to keep the dentures clean and your mouth cleaned as well. Brush the cheeks, gums, and tongue using toothpaste that contains fluoride. You will get rid of the bacteria that cause gum irritation and bad breath.

Soak the Dentures

Before going to sleep, you should soak your dentures in a denture cleaning solution. This helps to remove bacteria, plaque and food particles. The soaking also gets rid of germs that cause bad breath. Never use the denture cleaning solution on your mouth. Besides that, rinse the dentures carefully before you insert them in the mouth again.

Do Not Sleep with The Dentures

When you sleep without the dentures, it lets the tissues in the mouth heal from the pressure or irritation caused by wearing the dentures all day. When handling the dentures, use a towel if you wish to keep them from breaking or cracking in case they are dropped.

Start Talking

Some people learn how to live with dentures immediately. However, the adjustment takes several weeks in other people. Learning to live with dentures may take weeks but it will be faster if you read aloud to yourself. Take a book or newspaper and practice all the different sounds until you learn how to live with dentures. You might even need to read Dr. Seuss for some of the tongue-twisting sounds. If you have grandchildren, this is a chance for you to read aloud to them.

Inquire on Dental Adhesives

You have gone to a great deal to acquire your dentures. However, you might feel the effort was wasted if they keep slipping out. If they are not fitting perfectly, it might even lead to some soreness. To ensure this you might need to get dental adhesives.

The adhesives keep food from getting between gums and dentures. The adhesive also ensures that the dentures do not shift while you talk or chew. Beware that some dental adhesive contains zinc, which might be an issue if you have an allergy. If you feel like you need adhesive, talk to your dentist first.

Stay Hydrated at All Times

If you use dentures, it can sometimes cause dry mouth. This can make the mouth and gums feel irritated. This can increase the chances of infections. To deal with dry mouth, ensure that you remain hydrated at all times. Ensure that you take eight ounces of fluids every day. You may also have to consult with a doctor. This is because some medication has been known to cause dry mouth.

Anyone can experience thirst. However, if the salivary glands do not work properly, it can lead to a serious issue of dry mouth. Various diseases such as HIV and diabetes have also been known to cause dry mouth.

Ensure You Go for Regular Checkups

Once you get dentures, you still need to go for various dental checkups. Ensure that your dentist gives you a full dental cleaning and he or she cleans your dentures. The dentist may also note a problem early and resolve it before it gets worse. Besides that, he or she could give you the right advice on how to care for the dentures. In other cases, the dentist may even recommend that you get new dentures. The reason for this is that dentures often need to be replaced every few years. If it does not happen, you might even develop jaw pain.