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Top 5 Dentists for Dental Sealants in Spring Texas

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Top 5 Dentists for Dental Sealants in Spring Texas

Our teeth are of different types, each type having its own unique anatomy and role to play as far as chewing of food is concerned. Of all of our teeth, our molars and premolars have got the largest bite surfaces which makes them to be well adapted to the chewing, grinding and crushing of food. However, this large biting surface also means that molars and premolars are extremely vulnerable to decay as compared to the other types of teeth such as incisors and canines. This is because, these large biting surfaces have grooves that are known as fissures which can be deep hence very difficult to clean, as per the gurus over at Some of these fissures can even be narrower than a single toothbrush bristle, which helps put into sharper focus how difficult they may be to clean. This provides spaces for plaque to accumulate and the acid from the bacteria in the plaque is therefore able to attack the enamel leading to development of cavities not to mention tooth decay. To prevent this from happening, this is where dental sealants come into play as they cover these fissures and therefore seal out plaque from getting into these spaces. Given the likelihood for decay in these fissures is higher in children and teenagers, they are usually the common candidates for sealants, although adults can get them too. This article will look to help the folks of Spring Texas access such services by highlighting five of the very best dentists when it comes to dental sealants in the area.

Given that they have some of the most qualified and highly skilled dentists in the Spring Texas area, who also have great experience when it comes to dentistry, it is no surprise that they offer the best services when it comes to dental sealants. They also offer great pediatric dental services, with dentists qualified for the same, which means that they are great with children. They will have your child feeling as comfortable as possible during the procedure which is why they are so popular in the area when it comes to dental sealants. They also use the best possible sealant material that will ensure that no one will be able to tell if you had the procedure which is great for the aesthetics of it all. They are definitely the best in the area and you can get more information on them by heading over to

Timothy P. Barkley, DDS

Dr. Timothy is one of the best dentists in the Spring Texas area when it comes to dental sealants, with his practice, which is located along Louetta Road, among the most popular in the area. His staff are also excellent as they will make you feel welcomed and help make your visit as smooth as possible which is why they have very positive testimonials as far as their services are concerned. The dentist will try to ensure that the procedure is done in the least amount of time possible, without compromising on the quality of the work, so that you can be in and out as quickly as possible. He is definitely among the best in town for this kind of thing.

Kenneth A. Kirk, DDS

Dr. Kenneth and his practice in Spring Texas is yet another top dentist as far as dental sealants are concerned, with the quality of his work speaking for itself. The dentist as well as his staff as very good with children and teenagers in particular which makes them, just like the dentists over at who are the best in town for such services, a great place for parents in the area to take their children for dental sealants. They also offer the same services for adults makes them a one-stop shop for this sort of thing. Dr. Kenneth, and his practice, are definitely worth checking out when in the area and in need of such services.

Springwoods Village Dental

Another great dentistry practice where you can head over to for great services as far as dental sealants are concerned. The quality of their work is outstanding, with their sealants once applied lasting for as long as ten years without having to go back and have them reapplied. The quality of the material is also excellent and one will have to get very close to your mouth to be able to tell that you’ve had a dental sealant applied which means that the procedure won’t be bad for your smile. Definitely among the best when it comes t dentals sealants in Spring Texas.

Royalty Dental Associates

They also have excellent dentists in both of their locations in Spring Texas, one along Spring Cypress Road and the other in North Spring, who offer great services as far as dental sealants are concerned. Just like the dentists over at who are without doubt the best in town for this and other dental services, the dentists here are great listeners and have vast experience as well as being highly skilled, which shows up clearly in the quality of their work. Their sealants are long-lasting and of the very highest quality and definitely among the best in the area.

While all of the above are great options to have as far as dental sealants in Spring Texas is concerned, the very best dentists for the same are the ones who are found at and you should ensure you check them out if in need of such services.