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Top 5 Dentists for Custom Athletic Mouthguards in Spring Texas

Top 5 Dentists for Custom Athletic Mouthguards in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Top 5 Dentists for Custom Athletic Mouthguards in Spring Texas

Sports and dental health go hand in hand, especially for contact sport as in such sports one is likely to suffer blows to the face or head. This is where mouthguards come in are they are worn over the teeth and are designed to help protect one from damage to the mouth, such as broken teeth, cut lips among others, when they suffer a blow or knock. Contact sports, that is those sports that involve falls, flying equipment such as balls or body contact such as football, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball among others are safer when players have on mouthguards and that is why they are a major component of these sports. There are broadly 3 different types of mouthguards: boil and bite mouthguards which even though they come pre-formed can be altered by boiling in water and then biting, stock mouthguards which are pre-formed and can’t be altered and finally custom-made mouthguards. Custom athletic mouthguards, as their name suggests, are those mouthguards that are designed individually and made in one’s dentist’s office and are the most comfortable while also offering the best protection as they are made specifically to match one’s dentation as per the gurus over at This is why they are preferred, and especially by parents who have kids engaged in sports. This article will therefore be of great help for the folks of Spring Texas who are looking for these custom athletic mouthguards as it will look to highlight the top 5 dentists to visit in the area for them.

They are without doubt the best around when it comes to custom athletic mouthguards, especially when you take into account they have the best orthodontic specialists in the Spring Texas area. They do fittings for the bottom set of teeth tooth too, especially for those folks who have procedures such as dental bridges fitted in. The custom athletic mouthguards made here are also very durable and will last for a while before they need replacing. However, since the experts here recognize for children, they are still growing, they give them a checkup every time they visit for their routine visit to ensure the mouthguard is still fitting. They are definitely the best in terms of quality of the mouthguards and follow up checks and you can get more information on them by visiting

Spring Smiles Dental Group and Orthodontics

They are also another good option when it comes to custom athletic mouthguards as they are known for their excellent services when it comes to orthodontics. The quality of their mouthguards is very high as they offer their patients the modern pressure laminated mouthguards which are more accurate and hence better fitting, more comfortable while also offering better protection. The dentists and staff are very friendly and helpful and will take time to explain and walk one through the whole process so that to ensure one is as comfortable as possible with the whole process. If you are ever in need of such services, they are one that are worth considering.

Studebaker Orthodontics

Dr. Robert and his practice specializes in all things orthodontics from the common orthodontic issues to mouthguards and everything in between and as such it is no surprise that, just like the experts over at who are the best in the area, they are among the best to visit for custom athletic mouthguards in Spring Texas. The doctor and his staff are also great with kids which means that if you have a child who is looking to get fitted with a custom athletic mouthguard, then they are the folks to see. The staff are great to deal with and the doctor is very friendly and comfortable with children and will make the whole experience as smooth as can be. Definitely worth checking out when in need of such services in the area.

Serenity Dental

They are yet another great option when it comes to custom athletic mouthguards in Spring Texas, with their dentists being among the very best and most experienced especially when it comes to orthodontics. They are very knowledgeable and thorough and will take time to measure and examine one’s teeth at the initial stage to ensure that they get the fitting right. They are also very efficient and one doesn’t have to wait long in order for their custom athletic mouthguard to be made which is a major plus as far as they are concerned. They are definitely worth checking out when looking to get one fitted.

Family Dental on Louetta

If you happen to find yourself on Louetta Road or in and around that area, and you are looking to have a custom athletic mouthguard fitted, then you should pop in and check them out. The quality of their mouthguards is from the very top drawer as they make use of the very latest technology to have them made. Their dentists, just like those over at who are the best in the area, are highly skilled and knowledgeable and will take their time to take you through every step of your mouthguard being made.

The above are the top 5 dentists and their practices when it comes to custom athletic mouthguards, although if you are looking for the cream of the crop, you should check out who are the very best Spring Texas has to offer.