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Top 10 Tips to Raise Kids with Good Oral Habits

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Top 10 Tips to Raise Kids with Good Oral Habits

Teaching kids some healthy dental habit early on will help to ensure they have pearly white teeth for the rest of their life. This is as opposed to them developing poor dental hygiene and suffering all its consequences such as gum disease, cavities, diabetes, and much more. However, getting kids to take an interest in their dental hygiene can be tricky. These tips that we at Vita Dental Spring are about to give you could be what you need to get them interested.

Sing them a song

At Vita Dental Spring, we advise parents to utilize songs to encourage oral health. Songs automatically turn every chore into fun, for kids. Use a song to ensure that your kids are spending enough time brushing their teeth. It will also ensure that they are actually looking forward to cleaning their teeth. You can come up with your own songs or you can find videos online and tweak them for your kids. This will make their teeth cleaning fun and they will learn to do it for the rest of their lives. 

Get an electric toothbrush

There are many advantages to buying an electric toothbrush for kids. First, these brushes are just more fun. It has been proven that anything you do to make brushing fun will get kids to do it often, even when you forget to remind them. Besides the fun factor, our Vita Dental Spring experts have found that electric toothbrushes are great for kids who have tiny hands. It will ensure that the toothbrush is able to clean their teeth effectively, even when their hands are too weak to do it.

Be a good role model

As a parent, your kids will follow every example you give them. It does not matter whether they are good or bad habits, your kids will just follow them. Thus, if they see that you floss and brush daily without fail; they will also want to do the same. Be the perfect role model for your children.

Look for a dentist that specializes in kids

A pediatric dentist is one of the best options for your small children. Dentists that cater to kids only usually have various games and activities that make a trip to the dentist exciting. For instance, they will have fun sunglasses to protect the kids’ eyes during an examination. They will also give the kids bubble gum flavored toothpaste. In general, they will know how to communicate with kids and this will get kids interested in taking care of their oral health.

Use handheld floss

As the hands of your kids develop, it might be hard for them to wrap the floss around their fingers. To avoid this issue, purchase handheld floss. It comes in fun colors since it is designed for kids. This way, they will learn to floss from an early age.

Use a fun sock puppet

If your kid does a poor job at cleaning their teeth, you can always help them. Purchase a sock puppet and decorate it as a dentist. When teeth brushing time comes, wear the sock puppet and help the kids to clean their teeth. The dentist sock puppet can also go a long way in helping reduce anxiety during dental visits.

Make dinner time family time

It is important to ensure that everyone eats at the same time. This is even more important if you have young kids in the family. If everyone eats at the same time, there is less chance of them eating the wrong kind foods. For instance, it could help reduce the chances of kids eating sugar-filled snacks and cereals that negatively affect their health.

Limit the amount of TV and videos games they play

This may not seem relevant to dental habits but it is. When kids leave sedentary lifestyle, they are more likely to engage in harmful behavior such as snacking. This means they will be eating all the wrong foods for their dental health. It also means they will not be getting the right nutrients that are needed to strengthen the enamel.

Get them an app

When the kids are getting older, such as getting to 7 or 8 years, it might be time to get them a dental app. This app will give them regular tips on how to brush teeth. It will also remind them when it is time to brush teeth. This app will make brushing teeth fun and ensure it is done in the right manner.

Talk to them

As soon as children begin to speak, they can also understand speech. Take a few minutes each day to tell them, in a fun way, how good brushing can be for them. With short but fun speeches over time, it will stick to their minds. You should also gently tell them what happens when they refuse to brush teeth effectively. Our Vita Dental Spring experts can give you some facts, which you can relay to your kids later.