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Top 10 Things To Know About Mouth Guards For Adults

Top 10 Things To Know About Mouth Guards For Adults 150 150 Tony

Top 10 Things To Know About Mouth Guards For Adults

Mouth guards are a kind of a soft plastic that helps protect the lips, teeth, and the mouth in general. Adults and even children who play contact sports are more exposed to the risk. The kind of sports that require full contact to tackle player include rugby, boxing, and football amongst others. Failure to protect yourself while playing results in an oral health risk. Mouth guards are very important athletic equipment that is specially made to protect mouth and teeth.

Injuries including, broken or dislocated jaws, knocked out teeth, and laceration of gums are the most common. Here are the top 10 things you should know about adult’s mouth guards.

Over the counter mouth guards

Also known as stock mouth guards. They can be bought from over the counter of any sporting goods store since they can be worn easily without any prior preparations. They do wear out quickly and have to be replaced often. They are not expensive and they come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Boil and bite mouth  guards

These are also readily available and better than the stock mouth guards. As the name suggests, they are supposed to be softened by first being boiled in water and then put in the mouth and shaped by fingers to fit the mouth. Most times cutting may also be necessary because proper length helps protect impacts on collisions from both sides.

Soft night guards

Patients who have mild bruxism are often prescribed night soft night guards. This is a condition whereby people grind and clench their teeth while asleep. These act as a protective layer between the bottom and top teeth. It is made of plastic and mostly covers only the upper teeth. It helps prevent cracking of teeth and straining of the jaw muscles and making you sleep better at night.

Custom-fit mouth guards

This kind of mouth guards offers better protection. This option is specially made only at the dentist’s office. At Vita Dental Spring, they can mould you the right fit because it is made according to an individual’s unique dental impression of the teeth. They are more expensive but provides the perfect fit.

Avoid chewing gum

Chewing gum in your mouth guard reduces its quality and effectiveness. Continous chewing creates tears and rips while breaking down the materials. Once it is damaged, bacteria are able to get into it and compromise on its functionality.

Mouth guards can prevent mild brain Injury

Pressure-laminated mouth guards are thicker and provide protection against mild traumatic brain injury. They help reduce the risk of concussion by stabilising the head and neck, absorb shock and minimize movement caused when the jaw is hit directly.

How to properly clean

Taking good care of your mouth guard will make sure that it protects you all the time. Clean every time before and after use with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Occasionally you can wash in cold soapy water and rinse thoroughly. You can also mix cold water with white vinegar to help remove stains if any. If you do not take good care of it, it may become loose and you can feel very uncomfortable while playing.

When to replace your mouth guard

There is a chance that a replacement is needed if your mouth guard looks worn out and damaged. Children and young adults need to replace theirs as they grow. For grownups and athletes, they can be done each time they start to show signs of wear and tear.

How to store the mouth guards

They should be stored in a properly ventilated container. Dry and air them well after every use. Moisture can breed bacteria that can lead to infection. Remember to always keep them far from where they can be damaged or chewed by a pet. Keep mouth guards away from excessive exposure to heat and sun or leaving them in hot water.

Taking to the dentist for checkups

When you visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings, carry your mouth guard with you. Inspections to check for its fit and structure and thorough cleaning can promote its longevity. You can also be advised on how to care for them very well at the comfort of your home.

Whether you are playing organized sports or participating in leisure activities, having a high-quality mouth guard is a great investment as well as a protective shield against damage to your mouth. It is recommended that every athlete should wear custom fitted guards whenever they are on the playing field. A very strict protocol of checking should be established by the coaches to ensure that everyone adheres to the rules. Even for people with braces or any other appliances, any hit on the face can cause cheek and mouth cuts.