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Top 10 Reasons to live in Spring Texas

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Top 10 Reasons to live in Spring Texas

Spring Texas is located in Harris County and has a population of more than 50,000 residents. In addition to having great dental facilities such as Vita Dental that provide the best dental care, there are other reasons why you will love Spring Texas if you ever move here. Here are ten of these reasons:


Spring Texas has a quality of life that you won’t enjoy anywhere else. The houses here are affordable, there is quality education, a unique culture, entertainment, shopping and dining locations. You will also enjoy the benefits of living close to the larger city of Huston. The town has a feeling of a closely-knit community that takes care of each other.


If you visit Spring Texas, you are bound to notice that we are a very friendly lot. Our southern hospitality is evident. You will be waved at and the smiles are noticeable. Additionally, we have a diverse population including whites who are the majority, blacks, Hawaiian, Hispanic, and Asian among others. Do not worry about making friends if you are new as the locals are very friendly. Spring has a small town feeling yet with a big city atmosphere.


Spring TX is an amazing place to live. There are plenty of educational facilities. The schools are also easy to access and are not overcrowded. If you have high school going children and you are worried about their college education do not be. There is a community college in the middle of the town where your child will be well prepared for school.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities and the town has beautiful malls. The hospitals here offer quality services and there is the Texas children hospital that will take care of your children needs. The dental facilities at Spring Texas are also well equipped. Vita Dental is one such facility that leads in dental care and provision of quality services. The town continues to grow to meet the needs of the community.


At Spring TX, the summers are long and the winters short. The temperature typically varies from 440F to 940F. The temperature rarely goes beyond 980F or below 310F. We experience partly cloudy weather all year round. If you loathe the long winters and cold nights common in some US towns why don’t you come to Spring Texas. It rarely snows here and when it does, it rarely lasts three days. You won’t have to come with your winter coats or stay locked up in your house all day due to the biting cold.


You will enjoy good bar bar-b-que but we have more to offer. The diverse population offers a variety of cuisine including Mexican foods, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and even Indian cuisine.

In spring, you will get everything from contemporary American bistro dining to upscale Pan Asian foods. If you are a foodie, you will be spoilt for choice in spring.

No state income tax

Who does not like to pay less tax? Texas is one of the states that does not collect individual income tax and this makes Spring a tax-friendly location to live in. You can still keep a little bit more of your paycheck. Texas ranks as one of the best states when it comes to tax-friendliness and if you don’t wish to live in cities with a higher cost of living such as Huston, why don’t you come live in Spring Tx.

Parks and other leisure amenities

The woodlands are part of Spring Texas and most of the parks are located here. It is easy to have a healthy atmosphere due to the miles of trails and parks that are within a walking distance. You can walk your dog, catch fish, ride a bike, play soccer, skate, jog on the trails, have a picnic or take your children to bounce houses. There are plenty of family activities to do. You can drive through the woodlands and walk the waterway. There are hundreds of local soccer clubs and if you are not a soccer fan you get to enjoy golf, sand volleyball, and hiking trails. You will not get bored, as there is no dull second here.


Springtime in Spring Texas is made even more beautiful by the Blue Bonnets flowers. You will love the view of these flowers as you drive on the back roads. Tourists come from all over the world to behold these beautiful flowers and pose in the middle of massive fields of blue. Springtime is when the sky falls in Spring Texas.

Rodeo in Huston

If you are a cowboy or girl, you will love visiting the largest rodeo in the world located in Huston. Huston is just a few miles from spring. Come with your cowboy boots and belt buckles, as you will definitely enjoy attending the Huston Rodeo.


Spring Texas is still a growing town and this means it is not overly populated. However, if you ever miss the big city life or you want to visit family in any of the metropolitan areas, Spring Tx. is located near major cities.

The town is a three and a half hours drive to San Antonio. It is just 22 miles from Houston, 140 miles from Austin, and 204 miles from Dallas. Other cities nearby include Garland, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth among others. You can quickly go on a short vacation in any of these cities anytime you want a change of scenery.