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Top 10 Questions about Fixing Damaged or Missing Teeth

Top 10 Questions about Fixing Damaged or Missing Teeth 150 150 Tony

Top 10 Questions about Fixing Damaged or Missing Teeth

The teeth play a very important role in the overall well-being of a person. That is why it is very important for one to take good care of their teeth at all times. Having a damaged tooth or a missing tooth is something that is pretty common. Such conditions usually call for one to undergo a dental restorative procedure and that is where the challenge usually comes in. There are a number of restorative procedures available that give rise to a lot of questions about them. Vita Dental highlights the top 10 questions asked and their answers in this post.

Do I need to repair a damaged tooth?

Having just one damaged tooth can seem like something small that one can comfortably live with. Well, that is not true. It is important that you have your damaged or lost tooth restored as early as possible. If, for instance, you have a cracked tooth, fixing it will help prevent sensitivity and damage to the interior parts of the tooth. If you have a missing tooth, replacing it ensures that your jawbone performs its functions and the other teeth, also, grow in proper alignment with each other.

What is the best restorative option for a missing tooth?

There are a number of dental restorative procedures that you can undergo when you have a missing tooth. You can opt to get a dental implant, bridges, inlays, onlays, dentures or crowns and bridges. The best person to seek advice from on the best restorative procedure to undergo is your restorative dentist.

How long should I expect the tooth replacement to last?

Well, the duration in which the restored tooth will last is dependent on the type of procedure you undergo and how well you maintain good oral hygiene standards. For instance, dental implants can last a lifetime if good oral hygiene standards are maintained. Most of the other procedures last for more than 10 years.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are prostheses that are used to replace missing teeth. Getting a dental implant basically involves the jawbone being drilled and a titanium post inserted to act as the tooth. The implant is usually left to fuse with the bone structure before a fabricated crown is fitted on top. This is the most effective restorative procedure for missing teeth as it offers a permanent solution.

What options do I have for fixing crooked teeth

The most common treatment for fixing crooked teeth is by the use of braces. There are other options for the same too. Some of them include the use of invisible braces, use of teeth aligners, upper jaw expander, reverse-pull face mask, use of retainers, and removal of overcrowded teeth. The option to settle for will be determined by how mature your dental structure is. Your dentist is the person in the best position to give you an answer.

Can I fix more than one damaged tooth?

One can have more than one of their teeth damaged or lost due to decay or due to an accident. The good thing is that it is actually possible to have more than one tooth replaced. The missing teeth cannot be adjacent to each other. For every missing tooth, there has to be a natural tooth beside it.

The use of dental implants has, however, made the dentistry field advance and one may have several of their tooth gaps filled, even those that are adjacent to each other.

Will my tooth replacement be easily noticeable by people?

When a permanent tooth replacement is being fabricated, it is usually made to take on the color of your other natural teeth. This means that your teeth will have a uniform look and it will be hard for people to distinguish the tooth replacement from your natural set of teeth.

What is the cost of getting a dental implant?

The cost of getting a dental implant is almost similar to the cost of getting a dental bridge. It just might be a little higher but not by far. The cost is dependent on the needs of the patient and the nature of their jawbone. Also, you can have the procedure done at a much cheaper cost if you have dental insurance.

How do I fix cracks on my tooth?

Crowns are very effective when it comes to fixing cracked teeth. Crowns basically cover the entire tooth to conceal the cracks and protect the inner structure of the tooth from further damage. With proper care, crowns can last for many years.

Is getting a dental implant painful?

While a dental implant procedure is considered to be a major surgery, the procedure is usually painless. The oral surgeon usually administers anesthesia to numb the pain. After the procedure, the mild pain that may develop can be treated using painkillers.