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Top 10 Parks near Spring Texas

Top 10 Parks near Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Top 10 Parks near Spring Texas

When the weather is nice in Spring, you need to take advantage of it and visit one of the many parks near the area. You can pick from many options. Whether you like sports, trails, or picnic sports, there is always a park out there for you. Here are some of the parks that we at Vita Dental Spring think you should check out.

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is an awesome place to go if you like to explore nature or play sports before eating. This park has bike trails, playgrounds, hiking paths, and volleyball courts. Besides that, you can stop at the Arboretum and view the native plants and wildlife of Texas free. This park is a designated picnic loop and it has tables that can be reserved for a small fee. There is plenty of green space at the park to bring a blanket and picnic basket.

Miller Outdoor Theatre

This spot is quite popular for summer musicals and symphony shows. Most shows require that you have a ticket if you want to sit under the covered pavilion. However, you are free to bring a blanket and sit up the hill. If you have a lawn chair, you can also bring it as long as you keep to the left side of the hill. You are also allowed to pack your own picnic or you may purchase concessions from the stands located just behind the stage.

Mason Park

Two things make this park stand out. One of them is the Braes Bayou that winds through the park, thus giving visitors their choice of waterside spots for picnicking. The other one is a clubhouse that is built in the traditional Spanish style. In fact, it is considered one of the most beautiful park building within Texas. The park sits on over 100 acres but it feels smaller because of the intersecting bayou. At this park, you will find a swimming pool, tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, and a baseball field.

Spotts Park

At about 16 acres, this park is amongst the smallest you will find on our list. However, it offers something that is quite rare in the general Houston area, a hill. The park is built like a bowl with its northwest edge leading down from Waugh Drive at street level to about 100 feet down. Those who love exercising will love this tiny hill. The park is in the shadow of downtown and it offers a great view of the skyline.

Sam Houston Park

Walking into this park, which is located on the edge of downtown Houston, is like taking a stroll into the past. The street noise instantly dies away. Historic buildings replace the skyscrapers and the concrete gives way to green lawns. The park, which was founded in 1899, is the oldest in the area. In fact, the Heritage Society has a museum within the park and there are various restored homes of the earliest residents of the park. Throughout the year, you will find various events and festivals.

Sesquicentennial Park

In the middle of the theater district of Houston, you will find Sesquicentennial Park. It is quite popular for boat and canoe race as well as hosting various festivals annually. Being just over 10 acres, it is almost made up entirely of a waterfront, some neat and manicured and some wild and natural.

Discovery Green

This park has two advantages over the other green spaces near Spring, programming and location. The park is found between several area hotels and the George R. Brown Convention Center. This park is an easy walk away if you are downtown. There are over 300 events planned each year. At the park, you will find concerts, an ice rink, festivals, concerts, and much more. Locals and tourists flock to this park all year round.

Market Square Park

Just like Discovery Green, this park has various amenities to offer visitors. You will find live film screenings, live music performances, and a dog park. You will also find a limited menu Niko Nikos at the center of this park. Parking can be hard to come by. However, the view of the Houston skyline will totally be worth it.

Hermann Park

Hermann Park is one of the most diverse parks you can visit. You will find the Miller Theatre, the Japanese Garden, the train, several wooded areas, and the reflection pond. The Metro train stops just outside the Japanese Garden. This makes it easy to drop in without the need to find parking. Besides that, it is located within walking distance of various attractions such as the Houston Museum, golf course, and the Houston Zoo.

Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park is not a very large park but it has some of the oldest trees in the general Houston area. Besides that, it is quite easy to access from the downtown Houston area. The upkeep of the park has improved in recent years, which has led to more visitors and events held here.