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Top 10 Orthodontist in Spring Texas

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Top 10 Orthodontist in Spring Texas

Orthodontics is a branch of the medical field that is specialized in aligning crooked teeth. Orthodontics is dedicated to restoring smiles back to patients using tools such as braces, aligners, veneers, and Invasiligns among others. Below are the best orthodontist you will find in Spring Texas. 

Dr. Jisoo Shin of Vita Dental Spring

Are you looking for an orthodontist who will handle your child with extensive care? Dr. Jisoo has a wide scope of skills in dentistry including orthodontics, prosthetics, oral surgery, and endodontic treatment. She is very passionate about working with kids especially the part where a child walks away with the smile they desired. This does not disqualify the adults. Dr. Jisoo is undeniably one of the best orthodontists in Spring. 

Dr. Phuong Pham of Brush Dentistry

Dr. Phuong Pham is an all rounded dentist with in-depth knowledge of orthodontics and general dentistry. He is a native Houstonian with the passion to give back to the community; his expertise speaks volumes. He is an alumnus of Indiana University School of dentistry. Clientele reviews have shown general gratefulness from his kind nature and quality services. Worth a try.

Dr. Todd Hughes of Hughes and Cozad Orthodontics

Dr. Todd has won the hearts of many patients in Spring. He is a certified Orthodontic since 2001 from the University Of Texas Houston Health Science Center following a completion of a Bachelor’s degree at Dental School at the University of Texas Health Center at San Antonio. Dr. Todd has cultivated the art of developing good and lasting relationships with his patients. Definitely one of the best orthodontists in Spring. 

Dr. Danielle Godley of Rayford Modern Dentistry

Dr. Danielle has warmed up to handling all her patients at an individual aspect in order to achieve every individual’s desired result. She is a certified graduate of Indiana University School of dentistry but went ahead to pursue her orthodontic passion at the University of Michigan. You don’t need to worry about her expertise, her skills, and experience in orthodontics have been passed by the American Association of Orthodontists.

Dr. Thi Huynh of Grand Trails Dental

Looking for an orthodontist who enjoys what she does? Dr. Thi is a self-inspired orthodontist who worked her way up to the University of Texas and pursued a Bachelor of Science degree. She later volunteered to work at a lab in a homeless dental clinic where she gained more experience in handling dental cases. She then completed her dental surgery degree at Oklahoma University which puts her in the certified class of dentists. Dr. Thi strongly believes in hard work, persistence, and passion.

Dr. Alizera Hourfar of Spring Smiles Dental Group

Dr. Alizera has been practicing dentistry since 1997 which he then pursued orthodontics along his career journey. He is dedicated to restoring smiles just like the title of his workplace suggests. Combining his vast experience and passion makes Dr. Alizera one of the best orthodontists in Spring.

Dr. Mardaga of Mardaga orthodontics

Dr. Mardaga has stated severally in public that he loves being an orthodontist. His love for orthodontics fueled his dream in opening up his own private practice whose main objective was to deal with orthodontic treatments only. He is a doctorate graduate of University of Texas Dental Branch. He continues to study about orthodontics while still mastering the skill which shows his dedication to offering one of the best orthodontic services in Spring.

Dr. Christopher Chance of My Kid’s Dentist and Orthodontics

Dr. Christopher believes in treating the youngest generation with at-most dental care. While kids are not exposed to most correctional treatments, Dr. Chance has the experience and skill to handle orthodontic treatments to kids. He loves having fun during dental sessions with kids, another reason to rank him when doing pediatric research.

Dr. Ray McLendon of Clear Choice Orthodontics Associates

Dr. Ray has over twenty years of dentistry experience and a significant percentage of the experience redirected to orthodontics. His experience coupled with passion made him the founder of Clear Choice Orthodontic associates which strives to offer the best orthodontic experiences to residents of Spring. His commitment to the industry has had him recognized as a Top Invisalign Orthodontist in the country. Above that, he has earned several awards and positions in various orthodontic organizations in both Houston and in the country. His achievements certify his skills in orthodontics.

Dr. Matthew Rushing of My Element Dental

Dr. Matthew began his career journey at the University of Houston where he gained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He later pursued his dream career in dentistry at the University of Texas where he went ahead to pursue his interest in Orthodontics. By 2012 he was already certified as an orthodontist where his passion for the field has pushed him to make tremendous steps towards success.