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Top 10 Dentists That Do Crowns in Spring Texas

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When a person’s teeth become damaged beyond repair, latest dental technologies and procedures used by dentists is Spring, Texas can help to repair even the most severe of dental problems. Below are some of the highly reputable dentists who do dental crowns to replace missing teeth and restore your functional bite.

Vita Dental Spring

Vita Dental Spring has Dr.Seung Hyung Son and Dr.Pil Yu as experienced and qualified prosthodontics who are conversant with assessing, treating, and restoring crowns.

The doctors working at Vita Dental are skilled dental architects, whose priority is your optimal oral health and an attractive and lasting smile. Residents who live in and around Spring, Texas area, should visit the Vita Dental facility if they’re in need of crowns. Current Vita Dental patients who are maintaining removable, partial dentures may also benefit from the caps because of its convenience and durability.

By visiting Vita Family Dentist care, you can be sure that only quality material and state-of-the-art equipment will be used to help you achieve your goals.

Charm Dental

Dr.Parthiv Mehta and Dr.Shah who are crown installation experts at Charm Dental offer varied treatment options to patients because they understand that every individual is unique. In addition, they use a foreign language (Spanish) to communicate with the non-English speakers. Even though they accept most dental insurance, they also offer payment plans that wouldn’t be so overbearing on the patients.

BLVD Dentistry & Orthodontics

Here at BLVD Dentistry & Orthodontics, the team always strives to make every appointment as painless as possible. Getting a crown isn’t painful at all, but a few can experience slight discomfort or sensitivity after treatment. Using the highest quality materials when it comes to delivering a crown, Dr.Cummings gets positive recommendations from patients for his high standards of customer focus and professionalism.

Spring Market Dental Group

Under the leadership of Dr.Jackson, the team of specialists and hygienists replace and enhance teeth and smiles using dental crowns. Damaged teeth from injuries or gum infections will be done to meet a patient’s cosmetic and aesthetic standards. Whether it’s using high quality porcelain or a combination of porcelain and metal for additional strength, the services are quick and painless for both children and adults.

Restoration Smiles

Restoration Smiles is committed to providing you with the highest quality dental crowns at the best prices possible. Are you looking to cap a structurally damaged tooth? Consider having a specialist treatment by Dr.Jennifer Mai so that it can look good and function properly again. The clinic also would be glad to assist you in making the best financial decision to cater to your specific treatment needs.

Element Dental & Orthodontics 

The goal of Element Dental & Orthodontics is to provide undetectable dental crowns that look and feel like your natural teeth. You only require two office visits to fit a dental crown. The first visit will be to address the decay, prepare and shape the tooth, and install a temporary crown which is removable and replaceable with the final one during the second visit. Residents can also benefit from contests and special events for their patients; to make you feel like a welcomed part of the dental family.

Spring Premier Dental

Dr.Jie Liu and Dr.Ming Sun are skilled at completing these procedures in a way that looks natural while resolving oral health issues. They provide dental crowns for patients throughout the Spring area. They will often use ceramic-on-metal caps because they are more natural and have the durability that only metal can provide. You’ll also feel at ease with the friendly staff and comfortable office settings.

Royalty Dental Associates

Whether you are aiming at replacing a tooth or a set of teeth or are supporting removable dentures, getting dental crowns installed requires that you work with an experienced dentist. They will keep you utterly comfortable by using sedation dentistry before getting started. Dr.Fariba Farajnejad and Dr.Raif Hamada know how to complete the procedure in a way that looks natural; you can be sure that the damaged parts of the teeth look great and are efficient.


As a family and cosmetic practice dedicated to dental excellence and patient comfort, having a reparative dental procedure can be nothing but excellent. They offer crown installations to the heavily decayed tooth or a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy to improve the functionality and strength of your teeth.

Spring Creek Dentistry

For the past thirteen years, Spring Creek Dentistry has worked with the most knowledgeable and hardworking dentists under the guidance of Dr.C. Ryan Oakley. The dedicated team uses the high quality material in dental crown installation to help restore your smile and increase your confidence in all areas of your life. If you’re living with damaged or missing teeth, getting crowns placed should be the first step on your path towards a new you.