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Top 10 Dentist that do Oral Medicine in Spring Texas

Top 10 Dentist that do Oral Medicine in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Top 10 Dentist that do Oral Medicine in Spring Texas

Oral medicine is a specialty in dentistry that deals with the management of soft tissue diseases that afflict the mouth. It entails diagnosis and the non-surgical management of the medical issue that might manifest in the neck or head region. If you are experiencing any soft tissue problems in your mouth, you will want to find the right dentist in Spring, TX. Here are the top 10 from which you can pick.

Vita Dental Spring

Vita Dental Spring might be new to the Spring, TX area but they are quite excited to become an integral part of this community. Vita Dental Spring strives to create a friendly atmosphere, which makes patients of any age feel welcome. They have a team of experienced doctors that will deal with your oral medicine.

The three doctors who work at Vita Dental Spring office have combined experience of 20 years; which is more than enough to help you deal with any oral health problems you might have. When you come to Vita Dental Spring, you will also receive patient education to help avoid the re-emergence of such issues in future.

Todd Leiker DDS

This dental practice offers to offer the best dental care in Spring, TX. They understand that oral health plays an essential role in the general health of a patient. They work to create treatment plans, which meet the immediate needs of each patient. Besides that, they offer preventative dental care, which ensures long-lasting smiles for all patients.

From the moment you walk into this dental practice, the team will work to make you feel as comfortable and secure as possible. The dental office understands that dental anxiety is something that afflicts many people. Thus, they have taken the time to ensure that you will not experience it there.


Dentalopolis is all about family. They understand how important community is in Spring, TX. As a result, it fills them with pride to be able to offer the best family dentistry in this area. By combined advanced oral medical with comfort, they have been able to prove themselves as one of the top dental practices in Spring, TX.

Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

This dental practice offers surgery such as removal of wisdom and rotten teeth, and the placement of dental implants. Besides that, they offer oral medical when no surgery is needed. They often deal with cosmetic and pathological issues that may affect the oral cavity. The experts here work closely with one another and referring doctors to offer patients comprehensive care.

Advanced Dentistry of Spring

This private practice has no affiliation to any corporate chain. The experts here can give their time, attention, and resources to the needs of each person. Some patients have good oral health and only need for bi-annual cleanings. However, other patients have oral health issues in the soft tissues, which they can treat. No matter how bad you might think your situation is these dental experts can handle it. Get in touch with them if you live in Spring, TX.

Tymes Square Dental

Keeping your gums and teeth healthy is essential to your overall health, something that the dental experts at this practice understand. To maintain excellent oral health, you will need dental care that is offered by compassionate and experienced professionals. At this dental practice, the entire family is sure to enjoy the best possible dental services in a calm and relaxed environment.

Spring Cypress Modern Dentistry

This dental practice prides itself on being able to offer modern dental services at affordable prices. They are proud to be a comprehensive dental services provider for the entire family. When you need oral medicine or a crown, this dental practice can serve you diligently. Contact them today if you are experiencing any soft tissue problems.

Smiley Dental & Orthodontics

This dental practice strives to offer the best possible level of dental care. Besides that, they aim to provide the perfect patient experience at the most affordable prices. Since its establishment in 2003, they are focused on giving family-oriented treatments. If you suspect you might have any oral soft tissue problems, you should contact them.

They have years of experience at offering the best dental care in Spring, TX at competitive prices. To achieve this, they have adopted the modern dental technology. Besides that, their dentists are always updating their skills to offer the best possible care.

Kacher Dentistry: Children & Adult Specialists

This dual-specialist dental practice offers dental services to both kids and adults. No matter how complex an issue you or your child might have, you should come to this dental practice. Here is where you will find modern equipment coupled with advanced techniques to help restore your oral health.

Scott Young, DDS – Woodlands Premier Dentistry

Scott Young, DDS is a premier dental practice, which offers the best possible dental care in Woodlands and the Spring, TX area. If you suffer from any soft tissue issues in your oral cavity, you should give this dental practice a call.