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Top 10 Dentist that Do Cleft Disorders in Spring Texas

Top 10 Dentist that Do Cleft Disorders in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Top 10 Dentist that Do Cleft Disorders in Spring Texas

If a child is born with a cleft palate, they may develop issues that require appointments with a pediatric orthodontist to help correct the disorder. Such children are often born with fewer teeth or more teeth than other children that do not have a cleft palate.

They are also likely to have a narrow top jaw due to surgery, and the teeth that grow will become crowded. The result is that they are likely to get tooth decay unless an orthodontist intervenes. Even when those with cleft palate did not get help early, they can still get it later in life. Here are top 10 orthodontic care providers in Spring, TX that can help.

Vita Dental Spring

Vita Dental Spring is one of the places you should visit for orthodontic treatment if your child had a cleft palate. The dental practice offer Invisalign treatment to patients that qualify. Besides that, Vita Dental Spring will offer their services to both kids and adults.

Getting treatment here can be an excellent option for those who feel self-conscious about wearing braces. At Vita Dental Spring, you will also get advice on general oral health care. The dentists at Vita Dental Spring often have useful tips that can help you developing oral problems that can be quite costly.

Mouritsen Orthodontics

Dr. Mouritsen feels blessed to be able to serve kids and adults in the community. He loves that his job allows him to have a lasting and direct positive impact on the life of a person. If a child has had a cleft palate, he is the person to visit.

Over the years, this dental practice has been offering genuine smiles that have changed personalities for the better. When children with cleft palate go through intensive care and see their smile improve, they feel more confident and become more outgoing.

Hughes & Cozad Orthodontics – Spring

This dental practice serves patients in Spring and nearby areas. The goal is to offer expert and affordable orthodontic care to all that deserve it. They provide their services to teens, children, and adult who might need it due to a cleft palate disorder.

Dr. Hughes has deep roots in the community. He and his wife grew up close to Spring in the nearby Woodlands community. His dental practice sets itself apart by offering flexible payment options. Besides that, he employs modern techniques such as Invisalign when needed.

Orthotex Smile Specialists

This dental practice believes in offering exceptional and customized orthodontic care to all their patients. They do not consider religion, race, ethnicity, age, gender, or anything else except the need to restore a smile. They believe in what they do and always strive to treat all with dignity, and respect. They hope that this will lead to genuine smiles that reflect self-confidence.

Watson Orthodontics – Invisalign Spring, TX

Dr. Jim Watson is an expert when it comes to using Invisalign treatment. If you have problems due to cleft palate, it might be uncomfortable for you to wear braces as an adult. During the procedure, the dentist will ensure that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. With a series of clear aligners, the doctor will be able to align your teeth perfectly in the shortest time possible.

My Kid’s Dentist & Orthodontics

If you have kids with misaligned teeth to cleft palate, this is your neighborhood pediatric dentist. The dentist will provide your kid with the best dentistry that is available. Besides that, the dental practice ensures that kids feel safe and warm at the dental office. Here you will find video games, cartoons, and handpicked comics to keep them happy.

Grand Trails Dental

Grand Trails Dental is a family-oriented dental practice that offers orthodontic treatment to patients in Spring and surrounding areas. They utilize the latest technology and techniques to ensure the best results in the fastest time. When you visit this practice, you should expect the highest standards of dentistry.

Studebaker Orthodontics

At this dental practice, transforming smiles is their passion. They have a genuine and caring team that offer only the best in orthodontic treatment. The dental office utilizes the latest technique and technology to serve patients in a professional and relaxed atmosphere.

Adventure Orthodontics – Bar Nguyen, DDS, MS

Adventure Orthodontics take pride in making the process of perfecting crooked teeth as comfortable as it can be. The complete satisfaction of patients is their goal. You will not just be able to achieve the smile of your dreams. After every office visit, you will always leave in high spirits.

AvA Orthodontics & Invisalign

This dental practice exists to serve you. In 2015, they even won an award for being the best orthodontic office in town. The award has given them the confidence to continue working extra hard to meet the needs of everyone that walks into their office. They have excellent online reviews which have been the result of hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction.