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Top 10 Dentist in Spring Texas that Treat Children

Top 10 Dentist in Spring Texas that Treat Children 150 150 Tony

Top 10 Dentist in Spring Texas that Treat Children

Most people who suffer from dental anxiety and phobia can trace their condition to a poor past dental experience, mostly when they were kids. It is therefore important that you take particular care when choosing a dentist for your child, and make sure you choose one who is good at what they do and is among the best in your area. If you are in Spring Texas and are looking for such a dentist, then you are in luck as this article will look to highlight 10 of the best dentists in Spring Texas who treat children.

Vita Dental Spring

This family-oriented dental practice is one of, if not the very best Spring Texas has to offer as far as dental services are concerned. They offer dental services for the whole family, including children of all ages as well as those with special needs, and have some of the very best pediatric dentists around. They offer comprehensive dental care, which, as seen over at, means that they have all angles covered as far as pediatric dentistry is concerned, from preventative care to orthodontics and even to emergency pediatric care and so much more.

My Kid’s Dentist & Orthodontics

Located near Cox Intermediate School just off Rayford Road, they are yet another of the top-rated pediatric dental practices in Spring Texas. Their pediatric dentists and the support staff are so good with kids and you can tell they absolutely love interacting with them, and kids for their part love them back. As is also the case over at, they leverage state-of-the-art dental equipment and modern techniques to ensure the best results as far as pediatric dental services go. The environment and facilities here are also all designed with the comfort of kids at heart from the cartoons and comics to toys and video games, and so much more.

Spring Children’s Dentistry

The fact that they are open all week long apart from Sundays offers excellent flexibility as far as pediatric dentistry services go, something most parents, majority of whom have got busy schedules, really appreciate. Their pediatric dentists and staff are so patient and friendly with children, and children really love interacting with them making treatment easy and fun, but also thorough and effective. As is also the case for the dentists over at, they know how to handle children of all ages and needs, including the extremely fussy ones which is a major positive for them.

Pediatric Dental Specialists and Orthodontics

They are located just off Spring Stuebner Road, and are yet another highly rated pediatric dentistry practice in the area. Their pediatric dentists are not only highly knowledgeable and skilled, they are also excellent with kids, of all ages, and your child will definitely enjoy working with them. As is also seen over at the excellent, the customer service extended to parents and caregivers is just as impressive, hence their popularity in the area.

Spring Park Dentistry

The pediatric dentists at this top-rated Spring Texas practice are highly skilled and educated on the latest techniques, with the office also being equipped with the very latest in cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technology and equipment, just as is the case over at the highly rated What this means is that the dentists are able to offer all sorts of pediatric dentistry services, all of which are done in a way that is as minimally invasive as possible to ensure the comfort of the kids.

Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry

Located on Legends Professional Plaza in Spring Texas, this is another top-rated pediatric dentistry practice in the area, with some of the best pediatric dentists around. With a combined 32 years of experience underneath their belts, Dr. Scott and Dr. Tab are amongst the safest pair of hands for your child as far as pediatric dentistry is concerned. They offer a number of services such as regular checkups and cleanings, orthodontics, fluoride treatments, frenectomies and many others, and just as is also the case over at, every child here is treated as part of the family and not just another patient.

Charm Dental

This facility is relatively new and as such the rooms are very clean and neat, and are designed in such a way that will immediately disarm your child and put them at ease. The pediatric dentists here, just like the highly rated ones over at, are highly skilled and professional, but also very caring and kind and you can tell they know exactly what is required as far as handling children, of all ages, is concerned. They offer various monthly payment plans, and couple this with the fact that they also accept most dental insurance covers, makes their services very affordable.

Spring Pearl Dental

The pediatric dentists here design personalized treatment plans for each child as they are cognizant of the fact that every child is different and has got different needs and preferences. Just like over at the excellent, they aim to ensure that every child is pain-free and as comfortable as possible, both physically and psychologically. They also have TVs with access to popular children programming, games and toys and many other amenities that will keep your child occupied throughout their visit.

Wheeler Pediatric Dentistry – Spring

This gem of a pediatric dentistry practice is designed from top to bottom with the needs and comfort of children front and center of it all. From their colorful and clean rooms to the amenities such as TVs, video games, special chairs and so forth, your child will definitely feel right at home here. As is also seen over at the highly rated, the customer service offered to parents and caregivers is top-drawer, and they encourage parents and caregivers to get involved as much as possible, always willing to answer any questions one may have as well as encouraging them to accompany their children to the treatment area for a wholesome experience like no other.

Enchanted Forest Pediatric Dentistry

This is yet another top-rated pediatric dentistry practice serving the people of The Woodlands and Spring Texas. They offer comprehensive pediatric services and their pediatric dentists have got the skills and experience to handle children of all ages from infants to adolescents. On top of that, they accept most of the major dental insurance covers which definitely helps with the costs of their services.

Remember, the best option of them all as far as dentists in Spring Texas who treat children go is the highly regarded