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Top 10 Dentist in Spring Texas that do Extractions

Top 10 Dentist in Spring Texas that do Extractions 150 150 Tony

Top 10 Dentist in Spring Texas that do Extractions

The extraction of a tooth, as explained by the subject matter experts over at, is usually taken as a last resort when the tooth in question is too damaged to be saved, or when dealing with a problematic or potentially problematic wisdom tooth, among other scenarios. If you require such services and are in Spring Texas, then you are in luck as this article will look to list 10 of the top dentists in the area who do extractions.

Vita Dental Spring

The highly regarded is without doubt the best dental practice in Spring Texas. They are a family-oriented practice and cater for the whole family from the kids to adults. They offer a number of dental services, including services on extractions. Their dentists and dental specialists are highly qualified and skilled and have got the expertise to handle extractions of all kinds from simple ones to more complex ones, and they leverage the latest-techniques and cutting-edge technology to ensure the best results possible as well as ensure one experiences very little discomfort afterwards.

Rayford Modern Dentistry

As their name suggests, they are located just off Rayford Road in Spring Texas and they are yet another top-quality option to consider for extractions in the area. They have highly qualified and experienced oral surgeons who can handle any extraction including wisdom tooth extractions. They also have a good grasp on sedation dentistry which means that you will have a painless experience during your extraction.

Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

From the extraction of badly damaged or diseased teeth to the extraction of wisdom teeth, they have all angles extractions covered. Their oral surgeons are very friendly and warm, and you will find them to be really good company throughout your visit for your extraction. As is also seen over at, they conduct extensive tests and exams, including dental X-rays so that they can come up with the best possible plan for your extraction based on the results and it is this detailed approach that makes them such an asset when it comes to such services.

MINT Dentistry – Spring

The staff and dentists at this dental clinic in Spring Texas are very friendly and welcoming, which, added to the peaceful atmosphere and their top-quality services as far as extractions go, makes them another top option worth considering when looking for a dentist in the area who does extractions. On top of that, just as is the case over at the excellent, they also accept most dental insurance covers as well as most credit cards.

Spring Smiles Dental Group and Orthodontics

Their oral surgeons and dentists are highly knowledgeable on matters extractions and as such are yet another top option to consider when on the lookout for such services in Spring Texas. They leverage the modern techniques and technologies for the best outcomes as well as to ensure that one experiences minimal pain and discomfort after their extraction. They also ensure that their atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful to help put their patients at ease, something they have in common with the excellent

Spring Premier Dental

This is one of the best dental practices in Spring Texas, and is yet another one you should consider when looking for a dentist in Spring Texas that does extractions. They have highly trained and experienced oral surgeons and dentists who have the proficiency to handle any kind of extraction, be it a complex one, a simple one or one involving the extraction of a wisdom tooth. Just like the highly rated, they offer affordable services for patients of all ages, providing flexible payment plans as well as accepting most dental insurances.

Charm Dental

They are another top dental practice in Spring Texas, located just off Louetta Road, and with their board-certified dentists, they are another excellent choice to consider when looking for dentists to go to in the area for extractions. Just like the gurus over at, they have all angles covered as far as sedation dentistry is concerned, and whatever your preferences, they will make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your extraction, and that you have a pain-free experience, as well as ensure that you are not loopy and out of it after your procedure by getting the dosages right.

Dental Professionals

The dentists at this Spring Texas dental clinic place a huge importance on the comfort of their patients and as such everything from the atmosphere to their use of modern techniques and equipment as well as their use of sedation dentistry is geared to ensure that you will hardly feel anything during your procedure. Their skill and experience also mean that you will have very minimal discomfort afterwards, and will probably only have to take pain mediation for a day or two. This is why, together with the highly rated, they are worth considering when looking for such services in Spring Texas.

Auburn Lakes periodontics & Dental Implants

Although known for their services regarding periodontics and dental implants, they are also an excellent option to consider when looking for services regarding extractions in the area. Their dentists and dental specialists are very gentle and patient and will do such a good job that, not only will you not feel any pain during the procedure, you will also experience very little and short-lived discomfort afterwards too. As is also the case over at, once you are done with your extraction, they will also be well placed to replace the extracted tooth with dental implants.

My Kid’s Dentist & Orthodontics

This is the option to consider when looking for services on extractions for your kids. They offer excellent pediatric services, and their oral surgeons are really good with kids, and kids love them back. They have created a very cheery environment, complete with toys, video games and so much more, which will put your child at-ease as they wait for their extraction. Whether it is a case of a badly damaged or diseased primary or permanent tooth, extraction of a wisdom tooth or the extraction of primary teeth that haven’t fallen off to allow permanent teeth to come through, among other issues, they will have you covered.

Remember, the highly rated is the best option of them all when looking for a dentist in Spring Texas who does extractions.