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Top 10 Best Coffee Places in Spring, Texas

Top 10 Best Coffee Places in Spring, Texas 150 150 Tony

Top 10 Best Coffee Places in Spring, Texas

Everybody loves coffee, if you are in Spring TX, you will be spoilt for choice on where to take your coffee. However, not all coffee places are equal in Spring TX. We at Vita Dental Spring work in the area and know quite a few places. Here are the top ten spots that we think you should visit.

The Nook Cafe

This fairly new coffee shop is located on campus at UH. However, it is not just for college students. Although you will most likely find some students studying, it has a relaxing atmosphere that you find at any coffee shop. Upon walking into this café, you will see a display case with muffins, cakes, and cookies. All of these are sourced from the local bakeries. All you need to do is listen to your stomach and order one of the delicacies. You can keep it simple with the cortado or up the sweetness with the sugary latter or frappe.


Agora is another awesome place to visit if you are in Spring, TX. You can sit outside on the patio, downstairs in the comfy couches or upstairs, overlooking the coffee shop. At this joint, you will be able to indulge your sweet tooth with delicacies such as granita. The mix of espresso, chocolate syrup, topped with some whipped cream is quite addictive. Of course, the mainstays such as lattes and cappuccinos, which are served with a small cookie and brown sugar cubes, are an awesome choice if you just want to linger with something caffeinated.


At Blacksmith, you will always get an awesome cup of coffee. Whether it is a simple brew or a fancy latter with a creative milk foam swirl, you can expect the best. There spot itself is not that roomy. However, you can always sit outside on the patio and relax with a book or chat with friends. This place offers more than just coffee; you will also find some great food options. For instance, you can find biscuits served with crème Fraiche and marmalade. Alternatively, you can try the Vietnamese steak and eggs during brunch or breakfast.


The owner of Boomtown recently opened another joint in downtown Houston, called the Honeymoon. At both places, you can expect to find some great coffee. While Boomtown has a focus on coffee concoctions and espressos, The Honeymoon has an extra focus on food and libations. Sit back at this joint with a creamy latter in the morning with a BLT croissant. You can also spend the evening with a meat cheese board and sip on a French 75 or some coffee-based cocktail.

Rao’s Bakery and Coffee Café

If you love cake and coffee, you definitely need to pay this place a visit. However, you can also find some soups and sandwiches at this breakfast. The joint remains open from 6 am and closes at 9 pm. You can go here for your morning coffee or lunch. The café serves some great snacks. Best of all it is quite roomy with a great atmosphere.

Mobile Mug

This mobile coffee bar, which is powered by Java, is one of the best mobile services for getting your coffee. The mobile coffee shop is decked out in faux newspaper headlines and a giant red cup at the top. You will find lattes and espressos, which are exclusively brewed with Illy.

Southside Espresso

In spite of the limited parking at this joint, it is still an awesome place to get coffee. The outside patio is usually quite enticing as the weather starts cooling. The cortado, espresso with a touch of steamed smooth milk are quite great. It stays open late, which is great if you have dinner plans.

Fellini Caffé

This café at West University will offer you a taste of Italy right here in Texas. The café brews all the Italian coffee favorites that you know. They are served with delicious pastries and paninis. If you want to enjoy some coffee at an underrated place with an upscale atmosphere, make sure you check out this café.

The Breakfast Place

This comfortable place utilizes folksy décor. You will find American classic for break and lunch. Besides coffee, this place serves brunch, which is great for a Saturday weekend when you just want to sleep in. Although the car park is not that large, you will still love it. In fact, they will even let you build your own omelet.

Siphon Coffee

Siphon Coffee is a fan favorite of coffee lovers throughout Spring and the greater Houston area. Although coffee is their signature item, they offer much more. You will find creamy lattes topped with milk foam, slightly bitter but smooth Americanos, and much more. Their food offering is especially great. For instance, they serve the savory empanadas. Best of all, their food is prepared once you make your order. You can tell it is ready when the smell begins to waft through this cozy joint.