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Are Titanium Dental Implants a Good Idea? – Implantes Dentales

Are Titanium Dental Implants a Good Idea? – Implantes Dentales 150 150 Tony

Dental implants have been established as an excellent approach for replacing missing teeth. Common implants comprise a titanium screw, which is positioned into the jawbone through a surgical procedure. It acts as the anchor for a crown, denture, or bridge. Any person can get them irrespective of their age. These tips can aid in assessing if titanium dental implants are a good idea.

Getting them done by a specialist

For you to get dental implants, it is important that your dentist conducts a proper evaluation. It is necessary that you have healthy gums accompanied by adequate bone. They will support the implant.

It is also essential that you be in excellent health to handle the oral surgery in addition to healing correctly. Those that smoke or have poorly controlled diabetes are some of the individuals that are not eligible.

It is thus imperative that you get an experienced dentist to do it. For those in Texas, Vita Dental will be an excellent place to visit to get the dental implants after a comprehensive evaluation to ensure their success.

Advantages of titanium dental implants

  • Titanium dental implants are quite strong besides being resistant to fractures. Still, they are lighter than most alloys. Hence, it is an excellent option for people who require a comfortable and safe restoration.
  • Their popularity also generates trust for many people thus having it as their choice whenever they want to get implants.
  • Their sensitivity to hot or cold foods is marginal. The risk of pain is thus nonexistent during significant temperature changes.
  • Their placement is easy. A dentist can thus perform the procedure without any complications as long as the density and health of the bone are good. Also, it is easy to place it at an angle when the need be.

The success rate of titanium dental implants

  • These implants are meant to be instrumental for a lifetime. There is a 95 percent success rate.
  • Even though these implants are made of titanium alloy, they are bio compatible. FDA has approved them thus showing that they are considered to be safe. Hence, they are likely to have a favorable interaction with the body in addition to being non-toxic.

The failure rate of titanium dental implants

  • These implants are not always successful for every person that gets them. There is a 5 percent failure rate.
  • Those in the upper jaw have a higher likelihood of failing. The reason is that the bone in this area has less density.
  • If the bone fails to heal securely around the implant or it weakens over time, the device loosens and is considered to have failed.
  • If you are prone to grinding your teeth and do not take any preventative measures, you increase the probability of the implant failing.
  • Some individuals develop allergies to these implants. Titanium alloy is used to make them. It is a combination of several metals including Nickel, Vanadium, and Aluminum. The allergicre actions are usually a response to the Nickel element present in this alloy. It is thus essential to ensure that a patient does not have this allergy before having them inserted.
  • When getting this implant, it is prudent that no other metals be present in the mouth. The implant could experience corrosion. Also, the presence of dissimilar metallic materials in the mouth could bring about electric currents.

Aesthetic shortcomings

Titanium dental implants may be successful for most, but many are still not happy about the aesthetic part. One is likely to have a visible grey line, which appears under the gums. Alternatively, it could be visible along the tooth ridge.

Getting dental implants to replace missing teeth is meant to result in a better smile while interacting with others. A mouth is usually one of the primary things one will note when meeting you for the first time. Having a good smile is thereby imperative.

However, this appearance of a grey line has a high probability of diminishing a person’s confidence. Not feeling comfortable to smile translates to one having lower self-esteem. It is no way to live.

Getting Zirconia dental implants as the alternative

  • The use of zirconium in dental implants is progressively being adopted. It is also very hard and strong. It is also bio compatible thus being able to fuse with the jawbone just like titanium implants. The jawbone is likely to react favorably.
  • There is no report of anyone developing an allergic reaction to the zirconium material used to make these implants.
  • There is no dark color of the substance, which will appear through the gums.Therefore, it augmentsone’s self-esteem due to having the confidence to smile.

In conclusion, a summary of the different aspect relative to titanium dental implants has been given to aid in evaluating if they are a good idea. An alternative to using Zirconia dental implants has also been suggested for those whose mouths are not compatible with titanium implants or desire to have a perfect smile.