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The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings 150 150 Tony

We all want good oral health from an early age. The importance of good oral health is well documented and advocated for by both academic and medical professionals like us here at Vita Dental Spring. Good oral health can mean that difference between a good joyful life and a painful gloomy life spent mostly in the dentist’s office.

A lot has been said about achieving good oral hygiene. A lot of professional tips have been provided on how to achieve and maintain oral health but very few professionals advise to get regular oral cancer screening which is ironically one of the most important preventive measures in dentistry.

Here at Vital Dental Spring, we understand that the best way to combat oral complications is by diagnosing them early and this is why we always advocate for regular oral screening. In this blog post, we will take a deeper look at what oral cancer screenings entail and why they are very important in maintaining good oral health:

Oral Cancer Screening

Conducted by either a dentist or a doctor, oral cancer screening is performed to look for signs of precancerous or already cancerous malignant conditions in your mouth. This screening is done to identify any signs early and put the patient on treatment as soon as possible.

Cancer, just like most terminal illnesses, can be cured if they are detected from an early stage. Before the affected cells can spread wide and affect other areas, they can be treated and over time, their concentration will die out before the patient is completely healed.

How oral cancer screening is done

Oral cancer screening is done as part of a routine oral examinations. As mentioned above, the tests can be done by either a doctor or a dentist. When performed by a dentist, the oral cancer screening comes after the routine oral examination of your teeth and mouth in general.

In order to identify the cancerous cells in the mouth, the dentist uses special equipment to check for red or white patches and any mouth sores. The dentist will also use his/her hands to feel the tissue inside your mouth to check for any abnormalities and any lumps present.

If there is any presence of signs indicative of a cancerous growth, then your dentist will write a report immediately and refer you to the most appropriate professional for treatment to commence immediately.

Importance of a regular oral screening

Early cancer detection

Oral screenings are very instrumental in detecting any cases and signs of oral cancer. Dentists are trained to diagnose any abnormalities in the mouth and they will identify signs of cancer and other complications during the oral screening.

If there is any sign of precancerous or already cancerous cells in the mouth, then the patient is put under treatment immediately. This increases the chances of the cancerous cells responding to treatment and the patient being completely healed.

It’s not just about the cancer

Oral cancer screening is about more than just diagnosing cancer. As we mentioned, when conducted by a dentist, the cancer screening comes after a comprehensive screening of your oral system. This therefore means that the screening is aimed at diagnosing more than just cancer.

During the diagnosis, your dentist can identify dental complications which you didn’t have any information about. There are diseases which affect the mouth that can only be detected through comprehensive checks.

Dental cleanup

As part of the screening, you’ll get your teeth cleaned professionally. The screening is only done after your teeth have been cleaned by the dentist and any underlying tartar is removed. This cleaning of teeth will render your mouth clean and reduce chances of contracting infections.

Oral cancer screening is not only preventive, it is curative in a way. It helps get rid of any tartar which brushing and flossing can’t scrape off. This therefore means that your oral health will be better after you have had a screening session with your dentist.

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