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The Importance of MouthGuards

The Importance of MouthGuards 150 150 Tony

The Importance of MouthGuards

If you are an athlete who engages in contact sports, you have most likely heard of mouthguards. If you do not know what it is, we at Vita Dental Spring would like to explain. A mouth guard is a protective device used to protect your teeth and jaws from any kind of impact during sports. We at Vita Dental Spring recommend that you wear a mouthguard at all times during sports. However, some athletes refuse to wear them for various reasons. However, here are some reasons why you need to wear one.

  • Protection from tooth fractures

Teeth are an important part of your skull. There are even nerves that connect directly to your teeth. If you get a huge blow to your teeth, you could get a painful fracture. Treating a fracture can be quite extensive and expensive. In some cases, you might not be able to play on the field for some time.

After you get your permanent teeth, they do not grow back if they are fractured. If you are a child and teeth are fractured, it could present major problems for you in future. A mouth guard ensures that the force is distributed uniformly, thus keeping teeth safe from injury. It could help you avoid thousands of dollars in dental expenses.

  • Protection from tooth displacement

If you do not break your teeth from an impact, they could still be displaced. Alternatively, it could lead to teeth luxation. In this case, a few teeth displace, which comprises an entire line of teeth. The only way to get teeth back into alignment would be surgery or braces. Both of these methods are quite costly.

  • Prevent injury to the lips

Your teeth are not the only thing protected by the mouthguard. It also acts as a cushion that helps you from tearing open your lips. If by chance you fall on your face, the teeth could tear through the lips. Not only is it painful, it could leave a permanent and nasty scar on your face.

  • Keep teeth from falling off

If you do not have a mouth guard, it can be quite easy to knock out your teeth. Losing a tooth can be quite painful. Besides that, since you are on the field, it can be almost impossible to catch it before it falls. Even when you manage to catch it, there no guarantee the dentist can put it back. You might have to get an implant, which is quite expensive.

  • Prevent jaw fractures

You can also fracture your jaw without a mouth guard. The mouthguard usually absorbs the impact and helps to keep your jawbone safe. If the mouth guard does not distribute the force, it could cause a huge fracture to the jaw. Recovering from a jawbone fracture can take months or years depending on various factors. The pain can be so much that your body shuts down to help you cope. In some cases, you will need facial reconstruction at a very high cost.

  • Prevent biting other body parts

Besides your lips, there is a very high chance that you could bite your fingers and seriously injure them. This could lead to broken teeth being embedded in your soft tissues. Just like the lips, this will lead to ugly scars and increases the risk of infection.

  • Prevent you from biting your tongue

If you think biting your lips or body parts is bad, imagine your teeth cutting deep into your tongue. Although it may seem like something out of a horror movie, it does happen. We at Vita Dental Spring see all kinds of cases from those that disregard the mouth guard. Without a mouth guard, there is nothing keeping you from clamping down on your tongue. Even though you may not lose the tongue, a piece of it might end up being lost. This could lead to major speech problems later in life.

  • You could avoid biting other players

When playing a contact sport, you could not just bite yourself; your teeth may end up sinking into the mouth of your fellow players. This will be painful for both of you and will leave a huge scar. Besides that, there is a huge risk of infection if the other player has some kind of germs in their blood.

  • It is a requirement is some sports

Safety is important, no matter what sport you play. In some sports such as boxing or rugby, you must wear a mouth guard when you play. Thus, if you do not have a mouth guard, you could get kicked out or disqualified. There are many sports organizations seeking to make mouth guards mandatory during games. Thus, it would be best to start getting used to wearing a mouth guard right now, in case it becomes mandatory in your sport.


Some athletes argue that they cannot wear mouthguards since they look so ugly. However, today there are customizable mouth guards that you can find at our Vita Dental Clinic office. Thus, an athlete can no longer use that as the excuse.