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The Importance of Dental Health for Women

The Importance of Dental Health for Women 150 150 Tony

The Importance of Dental Health for Women

Good oral habits are good for preventing one’s teeth from decay, gum disease and all other oral issues. However, when it comes to women, there’s much more to oral health as their oral health depends on different stages of their lives. Their puberty, menstruation, their pregnancies, their lactation and their menopause, come with different surges in sex hormones and these, Vita Dental Spring notes, have a great impact on their oral health.

Here is a breakdown of these different stages of women’s lives and how their oral health is affected at each stage.

Puberty stage

When a lady gets to the puberty period, there usually is a high production of progesterone and estrogen hormones. This usually leads to the reaction of their gums, and that is when they start experiencing redness and bleeding of the gums and sometimes, swelling of the mouth. During this stage in a woman’s life, the gums react different to bacteria and germs, and the outcomes are usually more vigorous.

Vita Dental Spring recommends the maintenance of the highest dental hygiene standards when a lady gets to the puberty stage to avoid developing further complications. Daily brushing and flossing, in addition to regular dental visits, are key for good dental health in women during their puberty stage.

Birth Control and Pregnancy

It is easy to think that one’s reproductive system has nothing to do with their oral health. Actually, for women, there is a very strong connection between their oral health and their reproduction.

When women are under birth control, they need to notify their dentist and get recommendations of how they need to take care of their dental health. Good dental health is very crucial when one is under contraceptive or any other birth control medication. The hormones often lead to increased blood flow in the gums which heightens the chances of women developing gum diseases. A lady, therefore, has to make sure that they practice good dental hygiene practices and go for regular checkups at the dentist to keep gum diseases away.

The importance of oral hygiene is not any less among pregnant women. It is even more important. The oral health of a mother can, also, affect the health of the baby and hence it is very important to pay close attention to your oral health too while pregnant.

Pregnant women are often at risk of developing pregnancy gingivitis due to the increase in hormones. This can lead to a serious case of gum disease that ultimately increases the risk of them having pre-term deliveries and babies with low birth weight.

As such, while a lady is pregnant, they should have regular dental visits for continuous examination and monitoring of their oral health. This will not only make sure that the baby is healthy at birth but also, ensures that the mother’s overall health is at its best even after birth.


Hitting menopause does not mean an end to taking care of your teeth. Vita Dental advises ladies experiencing menopause to be keener with their oral health. Women who get to menopause most times experience dry mouth due to the decrease in the amount of saliva being produced in their mouth. Saliva is another key component in the mouth that helps protect the teeth against tooth decay and gum disease. It helps wash off food particles from the surface of the teeth and, also, neutralized the acids in the mouth produces by bacteria. Post-menopausal women, therefore, need to be keen not to let their guard down when it comes to maintaining the highest standards of dental hygiene.

Hormones have a great effect on the oral health of women. They are part of life, and one needs to understand their body well and make sure that their oral health is at its best even with the changes in their hormones.

Other than the hormones, there are several other reasons why women should maintain good dental health. Some of them include:

  1. To Have A Perfect Smile

One of the most powerful things a lady can have is a perfect smile, and the teeth have everything to do with it. The only way to have a perfect smile is by paying keen attention to your dental health. This means you need to brush daily and go for regular teeth cleaning with your dentist. In the case of misaligned teeth, you can undergo any of the available corrective procedures to have your teeth perfectly aligned.

  1. To Make Your Natural Teeth Last Longer

Natural teeth are precious. In as much as a lost tooth can be replaced given the latest advancements in the field of dentistry, nothing beats the natural teeth. Good dental health ensures that your natural teeth last longer and remain healthy throughout your lifetime.

  1. To Prevent Dental Diseases And Tooth Loss

The less attention you pay to your dental health the higher the chances of you developing dental complications that may, eventually, lead to tooth loss. Having such dental complications, also, comes with an overall decrease in your quality of life.

Everyone needs to pay keen attention to their dental health. However, women need to be even keener with their dental health given their dramatic hormonal changes throughout their lifetime.