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Missing Teeth

What are Dental Implants – Types of Dental Implants
150 150 Sophy

What are Dental Implants? Dental implants are artificial teeth that are mostly made of titanium which are placed on the jaw using a surgical procedure by a dentist or oral…

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Can Dental Implants Move? – Implantes Dentales
150 150 Tony

Dental implants are one of the most effective methods of replacing missing teeth. This is mainly because of their permanency, seeing as they are not susceptible to decay. However, getting…

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Get Dental Implants for Missing Teeth – 10 Tips
150 150 Sophy

Dental Implants Dental implant procedures replace tooth roots with screw-like posts in place of missing teeth with additional artificial teeth that function and appear like the real teeth. The procedure’s…

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Timing of Implant Placement after Tooth Extraction
150 150 Tony

Losing your teeth can occur naturally or by accident but, the dents left after such a loose can be hideous and embarrassing. There are several tooth replacement options to fill…

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Should Children Get Dental Implants?
150 150 admin

Children tend to have accidents, and the possibilities of losing a tooth are generally higher. Most parents are left looking for solutions to replace missing teeth. The main question here…

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