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Stress vs. Grinding Teeth: How to Stop Grinding your Teeth

Stress vs. Grinding Teeth: How to Stop Grinding your Teeth 150 150 Tony

Stress vs. Grinding Teeth: How to Stop Grinding your Teeth

It is estimated that out of every three people, at least one of them grinds their teeth. This is a medical condition called bruxism. However, when teeth grinding happens on a regular basis, your teeth get exposed to damage and you risk developing other medical complications that are linked to your oral health.

In this article, Vita Dental Spring explores some tips one could use to help them stop grinding their teeth. But before that, it is essential to understand the reasons that lead to people grinding their teeth.

The Main Cause of Bruxism

There are a number of factors that contribute to one grinding their teeth. One that is known to many people is stress. In this day and age, avoiding stress has proven to be elusive. There is so much going on inside and around people that result in anxiety. This can result in people grinding their teeth when they are asleep.

Other than stress, other factors that could lead to teeth grinding include having an abnormal bite, having a crooked tooth or teeth or when you have a missing tooth. Sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea have, also, been proven to cause teeth clenching.

Chronic cases of teeth grinding can lead to one’s teeth fracturing, loosening or even coming off. In fact, it can wear your teeth down to stumps and this, as Vita Dental Spring shares, results in an overall decrease in your oral health and your value of life in general.

How to Know That Your Grind Your Teeth

Most of the times persons who grind their teeth do not know that they grind their teeth until a little while later. This is because teeth are grinding at night when one is asleep and unaware of what they are actively doing. However, there are ways to know whether or not you grind your teeth.

If you happen to experience a sore jaw or you always have a headache when you wake up, that could be an indicator that you have bruxism. Sometimes it takes your friends or your loved ones to tell you that you grind your teeth.

That said, here are some tips Vita Dental Spring suggests that one should explore to help them stop grinding their teeth.

Get To See A Dentist If You Are A Chronic Teeth Grinder

If you find out that you are a constant teeth grinder, make a point of booking an appointment with your dentists as soon as possible. This is because endless grinding can lead to your teeth fracturing, wearing off and possibly coming off if no strict measures are taken. A trip to the dentist will help you get a treatment solution to effectively contain the situation.

Know What Is The Cause Of Your Stress And Deal With It

Stress is one of the leading causes of bruxism. Getting to know the actual reason of your strain and dealing with that is a great way to get your mind to relax and help stop teeth grinding when you are asleep. The lower your stress level, the lower the need to grind your teeth.

Wear A Night Guard

You can get a custom-made night guard from your dentist and put it on at night. This appliance is made of acrylic or plastic, and it is worn when one goes to bed. They are usually custom made to fit someone’s mouth perfectly. The main of this is to help protect your teeth when you start grinding.

Start Working Out

One of the best ways to get relieved of stress is by working out. While you can, exercising does not necessarily mean you spend hours at the gym doing heavy lifting. A simple workout exercise is just as effective in relieving stress, which is one of the leading causes of bruxism.

Have A Warm Shower Before Going To Bed

The purpose of this is to get your jaw muscles to relax. If you are not for warm baths when sleeping, you can soak a piece of cloth in warm water and put it on your jaw for a few minutes.

Get A Massage And Find A Way To Relax

Again, as a way to calm down and relieve stress from your body, you can get yourself a massage. Get a massage for your entire body and your jaw muscles too. This will get you into a relaxing mode and get you to sleep stress-free.

Relaxing entails letting go of the worries that you have in mind when you get to bed. Try to reach in for inner calmness and relax before you sleep which is useful for reducing grinding.

Avoid Taking Alcohol And Caffeine

The consumption of alcohol and caffeine has been shown to worsen bruxism. As such, Vita Dental Spring advocates for people who grind their teeth to keep off alcohol and caffeinated products in the evenings.

Minimize Your Chewing

Avoid chewing anything that is not food like gnawing pencils and pens. Also, you should try to avoid chewy foods as these could increase your chances of grinding your teeth.