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Spring Texas Dentist Explains the Purpose of a Dental Implant

Spring Texas Dentist Explains the Purpose of a Dental Implant 150 150 Tony

Spring Texas Dentist Explains the Purpose of a Dental Implant

There are lots of scenarios that can all lead to you having missing teeth. You could lose a tooth or more through tooth decay or any other dental conditions that may make it necessary to have the affected tooth removed. You could also suffer a knock or trauma to the mouth and you end up losing a tooth, which if you don’t try to save it leads to you losing it for good. Regardless of how you ended up with missing teeth, this is a situation that will be problematic for both your dental and oral health as well as your self-confidence and esteem. Missing teeth usually lead to wastage of the jawbone, which could affect the shape of your jaw and facial features. Missing teeth will also have you feeling self-conscious about your smile and it could affect your confidence given that a smile with missing teeth is not particularly aesthetically pleasing to look at. It may even affect your career, especially for those that are in careers that are all about image such as news anchors and television presenters, models among others. That is why it becomes important to replace any missing teeth one may have. This is where dental implants come in and as dentist over at vitadentalspring.com, which is the best dental practice in Spring Texas, I will look to explain their purpose more exhaustively.

A dental implant is one of the options out there that one can make use of when they want to replace their missing teeth. It is basically an artificial tooth root that is surgically placed in your mouth, fused with the jawbone and is used to support a crown, bridge or full denture. Since its inception back in 1952, the procedure of getting a dental implant has evolved and been improved over the years, with the help of advancement in technology, to the point that it has an overall success rate of 95% today. One of the purposes of dental implants is to ensure that you have a more stable option as far as your teeth replacement is concerned. Given that they are surgically placed and fused on to the jawbone, they don’t slip or shift and are therefore just as stable and secure as your other natural teeth. This is true also for subperiosteal implants which even though they are not fused to the jawbone and they are for those patients who don’t have adequate bone height, they are still as stable and secure hence serving one of the key purposes as far as they are concerned.

Another purpose as far as dental implants are concerned is that they are designed to make it easy to clean as far as teeth replacements are concerned. This is one of the sticky points as far as teeth replacements are concerned; how will you be able to clean them properly? While other teeth replacement options such as dentures aren’t great when it comes to this, dental implants are relatively very easy to clean as they are cleaned just the way you would clean your natural teeth. They therefore don’t bring about any issues as far as maintaining good oral health is concerned. Yet another purpose of dental implants is that they provide a more permanent solution as far as the problem of missing teeth is concerned. This is great as if you get a dental implant, it should be a permanent fix and you won’t be required to get another procedure once the implant takes. This is important since it means that once you are done with the dental implant procedure, you will hardly ever be required to have the implant replaced and it could last you a lifetime. This permanent fix as far as replacing missing teeth goes is one of the important purposes as far as dental implants are concerned.

Yet another purpose of dental implants is to provide a more aesthetically pleasing solution to your missing teeth problem. Since dental implants resemble your own natural teeth in both appearance and functionality, they offer an ideal cosmetic solution as far as replacing your missing teeth goes. It will therefore be nigh impossible for anyone to tell the dental implant from your natural teeth, which means that you can now be able to smile without feeling self-conscious. They also feel just like your other natural teeth and as such you are able to chew and speak with ease and without any issues. Another purpose of a dental implant is to preserve your jawbone and consequently the shape of your face. As is explained earlier, having missing teeth will lead to wasting of your jawbone and hence change for the worse to the contour of your face; dental implants serve to prevent this from happening.

Other than replacing missing teeth, you can see from the above discussion that dental implants have many other purposes which is why they are ideal as a missing teeth replacement option. For those in Spring Texas, you can give us a visit over at vitadentalspring.com and see how you can book your appointment for this and other dental procedures.