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Spring Dentist – Broken Front Tooth! Now What?

Spring Dentist – Broken Front Tooth! Now What? 150 150 Tony

Spring Dentist – Broken Front Tooth! Now What?

Accidents happen unannounced and breaking one or several of your front teeth is quite a common occurrence. The front teeth happen to be more susceptible to injuries due to their position. While losing any tooth is bad, losing a front tooth is even worse. In the event that you find yourself in such a situation, Vita Dental advice that you take the following measures.

1.    Rinse your mouth with warm water

Immediately the accident happens, get some warm water and use it to rinse your mouth quickly. The purpose for this is to get the water to soothe your nerves and prevent any exposed soft tissue from drying. The warm water is, also, meant to help ease the sensation of pain. When your teeth break, the nerves get exposed and using very hot or cold water to rinse will make the pain increase.

2.    Use a gauze to apply pressure and prevent further bleeding

In the event that the breaking of your teeth causes your gums to bleed, you can help stop the bleeding by using a gauze or cotton and applying pressure on the gums. This will help block the opening hence cause blood to clot and the bleeding to stop. You should be gentle to avoid causing further injuries to the surface. Also, after the pressure have been applied and the bleeding has stopped, don’t rinse your mouth anymore. This will help prevent further bleeding until you get to the dentist.

3.    Use a pack of ice and painkillers to relieve the pain and prevent swelling

Chances are that the injury will cause you a great deal of pain. To make the painful sensation disappear, you can use a pack of ice, place it on your lips and possibly over the injured tooth. In addition to numbing the pain, the cold ice will help prevent swelling.

If the pain does not seem to disappear, get some painkillers to do the job as you wait to see a dentist. The painkillers should be taken just to relieve the pain and not as a permanent solution.

4.    Visit the dentist

Once you have taken the primary measures to help contain the situation, make your way to the dentist as fast as possible. A dentist is better suited to examine the damage that has happened and to offer you treatment. Do not make the mistake of failing to see a dentist simply because the pain has disappeared. The damage may be more serious than you imagine.

Broken front teeth can be treated using a variety of procedures depending on how serious the damage is. The treatment options you can expect include:


Bonding is a dental restorative procedure that is used to seal cracked teeth. A composite resin is usually applied to the crack to seal it. This is a very fast and relatively cheap procedure. While it offers a very quick solution, it is not the most effective procedure to undergo since bonding does not last for long. The resin used for bonding is not very strong and hence gets eroded with time. However, this can be a great solution if you want a quick temporary solution as you working on getting a more permanent solution for your injury.


Another option is to get porcelain veneers to cover the front part of your broken tooth. This is one of the solutions that are applicable if the damage to the tooth is not that severe. Veneers are basically porcelain chips that are placed on the front side of one’s teeth to conceal minor deformities and to improve the aesthetic appeal of your teeth. They can last up to 15 years if taken care of properly.

    Dental Crowns

In case the damage has chipped one or several of your teeth severely, then dental crowns are the most suitable solutions here. Dental crowns basically involve covering the entire surface of the tooth with a crown made of porcelain hence restoring the original shape of the teeth. Crowns are a cheap, reliable, and durable restorative option.

    Direct replacement

If it is a convulsed tooth, the dentist can choose to return the original tooth back to its natural position if they see that that is the best option. This is only possible if both the internal and external structure of the tooth have not been damaged. The tooth is fitted back in position and fastened with some special wires and left to heal on its own.

    Dental implant

In case of complete tooth loss, then you can get the tooth replaced by undergoing a dental implant procedure. This is basically a procedure involving the drilling of the jawbone and a Titanium post being inserted into the hole. When the post and the jawbone have fused, a crown is placed on top to act as the new tooth. While this procedure is relatively expensive, it is the most effective and permanent solutions for teeth loss.

Accidents cannot be predicted. In the event that one happens causing you to lose your front tooth, get to the dentist as fast as possible for immediate treatment.