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Some Common Misconceptions About Professional Dentists

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Some Common Misconceptions About Professional Dentists

Many people feel nervous or are afraid whenever they think about their dental appointments. Misunderstandings about dentists and dentistry have been on the rise over the years. These misconceptions have to some extent stopped many patients from attending their regular checkups, cleaning appointments, and getting the dental care they need.

Vita Dental Spring is going to discuss with you a few of these misconceptions and set the record straight.

Dental Visits Are Painful

Considering all the advances in modern dentistry, this myth is considered a thing of the past. As the dental world is always on the move, modern technology has been developed to make dental procedures more comfortable for patients. At Vita Dental Spring, we are committed to taking you to the next level by ensuring your comfort.

Communication is very important especially when it comes to painful procedures. Should you experience any discomfort or pain, speak up and let the dentists know. They can use a local anesthesia to keep you pain-free and numb the area thus making your experience positive.

All Dentists Are Created Equal

Dentists have different personalities and abilities and so at no point can they be equal. Each individual engages differently with their patients to build a connection. Every dentist has their own skill level considering that they have undergone through advanced training in different procedures like cosmetic dentistry and dental implants You would definitely want to know about their continuous education and skill level in case you may consider changing your smile.

Dentists Work Only on Teeth

Today’s dentists are also trained in cosmetic procedures such as facial rejuvenation and Botox treatments and facial rejuvenation. You can kill two birds at a time by maintaining your oral health and your facial treatment in one seating.

Dentists do more than just teeth cleanings. Here at Vita Dental Spring, we offer services such as extraction, teeth whitening, and Invisalign. Most people have the belief that its only specialists who can perform services like oral cancer exam or root canals.

My Dentist Will Judge Me

Human beings are afraid of judgment. Quite a number of people are afraid to visit the dentist for fear of being judged based on the status of their teeth or oral health. It’s good to know that they are not there to judge you. They simply want to help you maintain good health of your teeth. Should there be any situation that makes you feel embarrassed, rest assured that your dentist will be glad to give you advice and not criticize you.

Dentists Are Not Real Doctors
The truth is that dentists are doctors as much as any other certified doctor. They all undergo 5 years of medical training while specializing in surgery or oral medicine. They all learn pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, and general medicine among many more.
Dentists are able to prescribe any medicine they see fit for their patient. This includes painkillers or any other for that matter.

Fear of Wasting the Dentists Time

Some individuals feel that they could be wasting the dentist’s time, or the dentist may not want to see them if their teeth are in good order and do not need substantial care. That feeling of taking up someone’s time makes most people nervous. To top it up, concerns about doing something that isn’t necessarily urgent or needed can cause doubts and make people feel uncomfortable. As trained doctors, the dentists are very compassionate. Hopefully, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dentist won’t ridicule you at your next session.

Causing Pain Is in Their Nature

The biggest and perhaps the most disturbing misconception about dentists is that they will find a way of causing pain and not care at all. When you talk to your dentist about the procedure right before you have it, means they will understand that you are nervous and try to explain the procedure properly to put your mind at ease.

The truth is, dentists, approach every patient in a unique manner and each problem is handled with compassion and understanding. Every patient needs their own specific attention and procedures so no dentist is in a position to judge. Instead, there is the main goal of preserving your teeth to the best possible standards.

You Won’t Be in Control at The Dentist

Patients fear that once they go into the dentist’s office, they will lose any control they have over any procedures that the dentist may recommend. They worry that once they go in, the dentist has a greater privilege over which procedures they will perform. The reality is that you are only signed up for cleaning and checkup, therefore the outcome is what will determine the next step.

Several myths about professional dentists are very common, and the possibilities of them going away soon are very slim. However, you as an individual are able to dispel these myths by educating yourself and being informed on how dentists really work. Alternatively, you can have discussions with your dentists during your future routine checkups.