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How Does Smoking Affect Your Teeth

How Does Smoking Affect Your Teeth 150 150 admin

Although millions of people in the world cannot do without a smoke, it goes without saying that smoking causes more harm than good. Besides the head rush and periodic euphoria, there actually are no positives associated with smoking. We all know that smoking causes lung cancer. It is clear that smoking is closely associated with a plethora of cardio-pulmonary problems that are bothering people worldwide. Smoking has financial implications as well among many other social problems.

Of all the risks and implications associated with smoking, its toll on dental health gets the least attention and this should not be the case. When addressing the health risks and side effects of smoking, a lot of people often oversee the implications smoking has on dental health and this has cost a lot of people their smiles literally. Smoking has very many negative side effects as far as dental health is concerned and we want to shed light on these side effects. So how does smoking affect your teeth?

Effect of smoking on teeth

Smoking constricts blood vessels

Smoking causes constriction of blood vessels which are instrumental in supplying nourishment to the teeth and other parts of the mouth. Excessive smoking therefore affect the gums and other areas surrounding the teeth rendering them unhealthy and prone to infections.

Smoking causes bad breath

Well this might not be a direct effect on teeth but smoking causes bad breathe in the mouth. Tobacco has a pungent smell that lingers behind in the mouth after every smoke and the more one smokes, the more the intensity of the smell. The stale smell affects the relationship with other individuals and can lower one’s self confidence.

Smoking stains teeth

Smoking causes stained and discolored teeth in the mouth. Thanks to the nicotine and tar contained in the tobacco, smoking can make your teeth yellow if you do not brush thoroughly after every smoke. The more you smoke, the more evident the stains on teeth become and after years, the teeth become completely brown. This affects one’s appearance and quality of life they live.

Smoking makes you susceptible to dental infections

Smoking makes mouth a hub for disease causing bacteria which reside between the teeth and in the plaque which remains behind after meals. This disease causing germs will then attack your teeth causing a host of dental problems.

Smoking causes dental cavities

Smoking leads to an accumulation of food and plaque in between teeth. The plaque soon hardens and becomes tartar and this is how dental cavities start developing. The tartar contains acids which eat into the surface of the tooth causing cavities. Cavities can be very painful and will limit your life in a number of ways.

Smoking can completely damage your teeth

A combination of dental cavities and gum infections can lead to the complete destruction of one’s teeth. Imagine a scenario in which cavities are boring through the enamel of teeth and infections are steadily eating away the gums anchoring the teeth. Teeth can completely be destroyed.

Smoking is expensive

With regular smoking, there will be need for regular teeth cleaning and checkups just to ensure that there are no dental problems encroaching into your dental system. The numerous trips you make to the dentist will not only cost you a lot of money but lots of your time as well. Replacing damaged teeth and treating teeth which have been affected by smoking takes a lot of money as well.

Loosening of teeth

Smoking also causes loosening of teeth as the gums are infected by the disease causing germs harbored in the mouth. The more the gums are infected, the looser the teeth become. Eventually, the teeth may even fall off because they have no form of anchorage and one will need root canals and other treatment options to sustain their dental formulas. Periodontal diseases also become common when one becomes an ardent smoke leave alone the tenderness and redness of gums.

All in all, smoking is very big enemy of good dental health. It might appear like the mouth is just a passage for the smoke but the amount of damage done here by the smoking is truly immense. The next time you smoke therefore, think about your teeth as much as you think about your lungs because the teeth are also at risk. Looking at the bigger picture as well, it is easy to conclude that smoking brings more than good. If you care about your smile and health in general, then quit smoking today.

If you need more information on smoking and its effects on dental health, then visit us here in Katy Family Dental Care. Our professional dentists will explain in detail the ramifications of smoking on your teeth and advise you according on what to do to cease the habit. Visit Vita Dental for professional counseling and the best dental services in the Houston area.