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Should baby teeth be pulled out by a dentist?

Should baby teeth be pulled out by a dentist? 150 150 Tony

As a new parent, one is normally caught in a confusing quagmire of whether to let their baby’s first set of teeth to shed on their own or visit a dentist to get the teeth pulled off. Baby teeth serve very important functions in the dental structure and integrity. They play a very vital role in maintaining space for adult teeth which will grow once the baby teeth are shed. These teeth will affect the way a child eats, his/her general growth and even speech development.

As such, it is imperative for baby teeth to be well-taken of and the shedding process is the first step towards ensuring that the next set of teeth will be both structurally and aesthetically sound. So, this is where the big question comes into play. Should baby teeth be left to fall out naturally on their own or should a dentist be tasked with getting rid of the teeth?

Should baby teeth be pulled out by a dentist?

Although it is advisable for baby teeth to be left in the mouth until they naturally fall out, there are special cases where these first teeth should be removed immediately. Here are some of the most common reasons why baby teeth are removed before they can fall out naturally;

Dental infections

In the event that baby teeth are affected by dental infections, removal might be inevitable. If the tooth or baby teeth are severely affected by dental decay or any other dental infection then the teeth become a bother to the child and if the affected teeth are not removed on time, they can easily affect neighboring teeth making the situation even worse.


In the event of an accident which affects the mouth, baby teeth might need to be removed to ease pain and pave way for growth of a new set of teeth. Accidents might result in extreme weakening of teeth or even chipping away of parts of the tooth. In such cases, it is only wise to remove the affected teeth and give way for new teeth which will inevitably grow to replace the missing teeth.

Abnormal shedding schedules

Sometimes, baby teeth take way too long to shed and they need to be physically removed. Past a certain age, baby teeth will need to be physically removed to pave way for a new set of bigger and stronger teeth.

Which dentist should you consult for removal of baby teeth?

Although most babies shed their baby teeth naturally, some special cases require extraction by a medical practitioner. Dental extraction is one of the simplest dental procedures in dentistry and literally any trained dentist can competently carry it out.

Unless the extraction involves some form of surgery to get rid of all the dental parts, any general dentist can comfortably pull out baby teeth and pave way for new teeth to grow back. This is how a dentist removes baby teeth;

How a dentist removes baby teeth

Because baby teeth are not very strong, their extraction is relatively easy and quick. Unless the tooth or teeth are broken, the extraction shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

To remove a baby tooth, a dentist first of all administers a local anesthesia to numb the nerves in the tissue surrounding the tooth to be extracted. Numbing a baby tooth before extraction is very important because it makes all the subsequent procedures painless. This is a very important procedure in a child’s life as it can make the baby fall in love with visiting a dentist’s office or potentially make them dread all dental treatments.

One the tooth is numb, a dentist then uses special forceps to make the tooth very loose before pulling it out. These baby teeth are not anchored by many roots and removing them is normally very easy. In the event that surgery is required to remove the baby tooth, then the dentist numbs the target area and makes a small incision in the gum holding the tooth. From this incision, the dentist can easily access all parts of the tooth and scoop all the parts out.

Follow up treatment after dental extraction

Unknown to many parents, a dentist needs to keep a close eye on a baby after extracting their baby teeth. The dentist needs to monitor the space left behind by the extracted tooth to ensure that the neighboring teeth don’t grow and drift into the space left blocking out the adult tooth which is yet to grow. The dentist uses special space maintainers to maintain the space and ensure that the adult tooth that is growing will get sufficient space to grow into.

If you are Spring Texas and are looking to extract your baby’s tooth/teeth, give us a call here at Vita Dental Spring. We will offer further guidance on the safety of extracting baby teeth and if need be, we will need to see your baby and safely do the extraction ourselves. Don’t compromise with your child’s oral health- always consult professionals before extracting baby teeth!