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Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful? 150 150 admin

If you are struggling with tooth sensitivities and aches every single day, then it might be wise to go for a root canal today. Root canals have become popular nowadays and are quickly replacing treatment methods such as extraction simply because they are extremely effective and retain you natural teeth. Root canals involve the removal of the pulp containing blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. The resulting cavity is then cleaned, disinfected and filled with a rubber-like material. By removing the pulp, the dentist will have helped relieve a lot of pain cause by injuries, inflammations of the pulp and infections. Very many people are in need of this procedure but simply because they believe it is painful, they always are afraid of asking their dentists to perform the procedure on them. Are root canals painful though? Will you feel any pain during the procedure? Will it be painful after the procedure is done? Well, we took a look at how the procedure is done to determine whether it is painful.

The theory behind root canal treatment

When developing, our teeth just like all body parts, need a constant supply of nutrients and nourishment to perform their tasks as required. The nourishment and nutrients are supplied by blood vessels which are located in the canals deep in the root of the tooth. With time though, when your teeth are all grown and strong, they stop needing the nerves and blood vessels. This means that the nerves and blood vessels or the entire root canal can be removed and the tooth can still function properly.

Root canal treatment is called upon when you are experiencing a lot pain and sensitivity to hot and cold drinks. The sensitivity and pain results from the exposure of the nerves and vessels contained in the pulp due to injuries or infections. When the pulp is inflamed, the nerves will be exposed and any changes in temperature and pressure will be picked up. This means that it will be incredibly painful to drink hot or cold drinks. By removing the pulp containing these vessels and nerves, you will be getting rid of the receptors that pick up the changes in temperature and pressure and this will mean that there will be no pain at all when drinking or eating hot meals. So, how is the root canal procedure carried out? Is it painful?

How root canal is carried out

First of all the dentist will administer anaesthetics meant to make the tooth numb. He/she will then place a protective dental dam to isolate the affected tooth and keep it clean and free of saliva and blood during the procedure. The dentist makes an opening in the crown of the tooth and using very small instruments, he/she will clean the pulp from the pulp chamber. The pulp is then removed entirely and the pulp cavity cleaned and disinfected. The dentist will then fill up the empty space using a material which normally is a rubber like substance called gutta-percha. It is placed with the help of an adhesive cement to ensure that it completely sticks and seals the root canals.

Is root canal painful?

Before any dental procedure that involves surgery or cutting of the surface, the dentist normally administers anaesthetics to numb the nerves surrounding the teeth. This also applies in root canal and during the procedure, you will absolutely feel no amount of pain. All you will be feeling will be very little pressure on your gums while the dentist works on your teeth. There otherwise is absolutely no amount of pain and the procedure normally takes only a few minutes.

After the procedure, there may be a little amount of sensitivity and discomfort but this is expected because a part of your tooth has been removed and a foreign substance used to replace the removed pulp. There will be an awkward feeling and sensation which will eventually subside with time and normal function of the tooth restored. In case there is pain after the procedure, then over the counter pain killers can help relieve the pain and make you feel better. The longest the pain should last if the procedure was carried out properly should be just a few days. The pain is common especially if you were experiencing some form of sensitivity or pain before the procedure.

Considering the amount of relieve and comfort you are guaranteed to get after the root canal procedure, there is every reason to get it done today. There will be no cases of tooth sensitivities or tooth aches when you drink cold or hot drinks. If you are in Katy, Houston and are looking for the best hospital to offer root canal and other endodontic treatment, then look no further than Vita Dental Care. We offer the best treatment at affordable rates.