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Reasons Why it is Important to Replace Missing Teeth

Reasons Why it is Important to Replace Missing Teeth 150 150 Tony

In America alone, there are over 20 million people living with at least one missing tooth. Since their other teeth can get the job done, these people choose to live on without replacing the missing teeth despite all the dangers that the missing teeth expose them to.

A missing tooth might look harmless but in truth, it affects more than just your looks. The effects might not be felt immediately but trying to live through with missing teeth, exposes you to a number of dental complications which might cost you thousands of dollars to rectify.

Here at Vita Dental Spring, we receive thousands of clients with complicated dental structures whose chief cause is one or multiple missing teeth. We therefore advise all our patients to report to us immediately they lose one or more teeth.

Irrespective of the cause of the loss, you should report missing teeth to your dentist as soon as possible. Here are reasons why it is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible;

Reasons Why it is Important to Replace Missing Teeth

Improved aesthetics

There is nothing beautiful about missing teeth. They give you an awkward smile and will make you more self-conscious. This affects your self-confidence and the way you interact with your friends. Replacing missing teeth with implants will give you a beautiful smile and boost your self-esteem.

Enjoy the convenience of your natural teeth again

Replacing your teeth with dental implants means that you get to enjoy the benefits and convenience of natural teeth again. Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth. They look, feel and function like your natural teeth and this is more than convenient. You will get to go about your normal activities like nothing at all ever happened.

Improved health

Missing teeth affect your health negatively. Missing teeth result in improper chewing of food and this means that enzyme action will be inhibited. This leads to wastage of nutrients and an affected health. Replace missing teeth today and regain full health.

Prevent dental complications

There are very many complications associated with missing teeth. Top of the list and possibly the scariest is temporomandibular joint complications. TMJ complications come as a result of imbalanced jaw action and they can be detrimental if left untreated. Replacing missing teeth with implants can prevent the development of TMJ complications and other problems.

Protect your gums from infections
Missing teeth expose your gums and this increases the chances of getting infections. There are very many infections that can affect your gums when they are exposed and dental implants can help prevent all those infections. They act like a shield and protect the bacteria from getting to the soft part of your gums.

Eat whatever you want, anytime

With missing teeth, there are a few foods which you simply can’t chew or bite into. These include hard crunchy foods and large chunks of food. This can be limiting because you don’t have the freedom you desire to enjoy these foods freely. Replacing missing teeth can change all this and grant you the freedom to eat whatever food you desire, at any point. Implants especially, grant you the freedom to bite into and practically chew anything you want.

Improved speech

Missing front teeth especially can be very problematic when it comes to proper speech utterance. People with missing front teeth talk with a certain lisp and have difficulties making some utterances. This is very embarrassing especially for professionals. Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants can save you the embarrassments and make you more comfortable around people.

Treatment options are cheaper

The other reason why you should be keen to replace missing teeth, is the fact that there are cheap yet effective treatment options in the market. Unlike years ago when dental implants and the other options were very expensive, there are cheap yet effective options available today and you should look to use one of these to replace your missing teeth.

Improved quality of life

Living with missing teeth generally lowers the quality of life that one leads. From a lowered self-esteem to difficulties carrying out daily activities, there is a lot of agony that people with missing teeth go through. The agony is not worth it in the end because there are viable options in the market which are capable of transforming lives and improving the quality of lives these people lead.

Vita Dental Spring has great missing teeth replacements

Unlike in the past when the only replacement for missing teeth was pretty much dentures, there are very many viable and affordable options in Vita Dental Spring that you can opt for to replace missing teeth. Options such as dental implants are very efficient and will help you regain full teeth functionality.

To get these replacements at a very affordable rate, give us a call here at Vita Dental Spring and we will gladly be of service to you. Choose Vita Dental Spring today and reclaim your lost smile.