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Do I Really Have Gum Disease and How can I know?

Do I Really Have Gum Disease and How can I know? 150 150 admin

One of the most common dental problems plaguing Americans is the dreaded gum disease. Despite numerous campaigns and adverts asking people to floss after every meal and maintain a fastidious oral hygiene, people still ignore these calls and end up with gum diseases. According to a recent study, over 40% of all people with gum disease admitted that they don’t floss at all.

Today we want to explore an unorthodox topic and look at the 10 stages of gum disease diagnosis. What goes on in one’s mind when they hear the dreaded gum disease diagnosis? Do I really have gum disease? This can’t be me! These some of the common expressions we hear from our patients once they are diagnosed with gum disease.

Here are the 10 stages of gum disease diagnosis


In this state a patient is unsure of his or her state as far as the gum disease is concerned. This is immediately before the poking and diagnosis begins. In this stage patients are normally praying for the best and hoping that the diagnosis yields in negative results.


This is the reaction from most people once the diagnosis proves that they are suffering from gum disease. Many people are genuinely shocked at a gum disease diagnosis.  Healthy gums are firm and pink, and don’t bleed when you floss them.  You can learn more about what gum disease is, and how it’s diagnosed here. Positive diagnosis comes as a shock to many.


Immediately after the diagnosis, most people go into denial as they find it hard to believe that they are suffering from gum disease. This is because they believe their near perfect oral hygiene and diet could not let them get the dreaded gum disease.


Denial is followed by anger where most patients start getting frustrated that they didn’t do enough to prevent the development of the gum disease. Some patients will direct their anger at the medical practitioners and blame them for not warning them early enough.

Self-beating and resentments

This comes as a result of the anger and resentment associated with discovering that one has gum diseases. Although it really is no serious illness when compared to the likes of cancer and HIV, gum disease is dreaded in America because of the consequences accompanying it. Here people try to beat themselves for not doing enough to prevent the development of the problem.


At this point most patients have come to terms with the fact that they already have the gum disease and are looking for the best treatment option. They start clutching at straws by suggesting means which by no means are not appropriate when it comes to dealing with gum diseases. Unfortunately, however, there is no bargaining when it comes to gum disease.  Period on it is a condition of inflammation and infection, and that must be treated first.


This is the difficult stage where patients finally realize the inevitable, and can often feel discouraged.  Some patients are frustrated that they may need to postpone teeth whitening or an implant for a while until their gum disease has been addressed. Here at vita dental we always advise our patients not to lose hope at this stage because gum disease is treatable and there are viable solutions to cure the problem.


At this point, patients have realized the importance of oral health to the well being of their bodies and are willing to take care of their dental health. They are therefore willing to partake in whatever treatment we suggest to them and most of them agree with scaling and root planning which happen to be the two most common treatment options available for gum diseases.


This is the period in which the patients receive treatment and are forced to remain calm and visit our offices after a given period of time for check-up. The treatment process can last up to 5 months and the visits are aimed at making sure that the gum disease has been healed completely.


This by far is the best stage of gum disease diagnosis for both the patients and the doctors. There is nothing sweeter than victory against gum disease and this is evidenced by the jubilation we see in our offices once we let patients know that the disease has duly vanquished.

And these are the 10 steps of gum disease diagnosis as seen in our offices here at Vita Family Dentist Care. Gum diseases are troubling a lot of people in the country and a good number don’t even know that they are suffering from the disease. It wise therefore to go for regular checkups to determine whether you have the disease. If you do, then begin treatment immediately for you to enjoy the last stage of the diagnosis which is sweet victory because gum disease is curable and treatable.