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Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Mother’s Dental Health-10 Tipsv

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Mother’s Dental Health-10 Tipsv 150 150 Tony

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Mother’s Dental Health-10 Tips

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers experience a lot of drastic changes in their bodies due to an imbalance of hormones. A majority do not focus so much on their oral health as their bodies are experiencing some major effects like cravings and mood swings that can be hard to control.

It is very important to continue with the checkups as proposed by Vita Dental. Follow the below tips that will help you have good healthy teeth during pregnancy and nursing.

Stay hydrated

Most pregnant women experience morning sickness or frequent vomiting. At this point, too much acid is produced in the mouth that can erode your tooth enamel resulting in tooth decay, cavities, and tooth loss. So it is advised to take lots of water to help rinse away the acid that may have coated on the teeth and refresh your mouth.

Increase calcium intake

For expectant mothers, calcium is very important for you and your baby’s teeth in addition to strengthening bones. The minerals can be obtained from milk or milk products like cheese and yoghurt. You can also opt for calcium tablets supplements as advised by a dietician. Insufficient calcium in nursing mothers results in loss of the bone mass that can result to damage on the gums.

Stick to a dental routine

Continue brushing at least twice a day and thoroughly flossing teeth in order to avoid a build-up of plaque over the time. Since some pregnant women may feel sick while brushing, you can try brushing without toothpaste first and then apply fluoride toothpaste afterwards without rinsing.

Using mouthwash

Mouthwash bought from the drug store is considered very safe. It is recommended that fluoridated or alcohol-free mouthwash can be used by pregnant women at least twice a day. Rinsing with mouthwash each time you vomit or experience morning sickness helps prevent erosion of the enamel. It can also be used to swish after meals if one doesn’t feel like brushing teeth.

Avoid excess sugar

Food cravings can come in hard and without notice. Sugary snacks and juice such as orange juice or any kind of citrus may increase the risk of tooth erosion due to the presence of acid in the juice. It is good to opt for food and snacks that are high in fibre and low in fat and sugar. Even after consuming them especially sweets, it is good to try and brush teeth immediately afterwards.

Consume a balanced diet

A diet that is healthy and full of nutrition is very important for you and your growing child. Eating a variety of foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy is optimal for pregnant and nursing mothers. You may be tempted to eat junk food constantly since it is normal to desire more food at this stage. However, this may lead to dental cavities and several tooth problems. Maintaining good health will help you avoid them altogether.

Visit your dentist

Dental visit during the first stages of pregnancy is an opportunity for the dentist to help you with any pregnancy-related issues that you might have been experiencing. Gingivitis is very common during pregnancy. Progesterone hormones are released in high levels resulting in excess acid in the mouth that may lead to periodontal.

Use fluoride or its supplements

We do understand the importance of fluoride in helping prevent tooth decay and strengthening of teeth. Most water sources tend to have a lot of fluoride, therefore drinking tap water is recommended for an increase in fluoride intake. Alternatively, you can rinse your mouth after meals using tap water. Using fluoride-based toothpaste can also help in keeping teeth strong.

Avoiding some dental procedures

Regular dental examinations and cleaning are considered safe for expectant mothers. However, it is important to inform the dentist in advance especially if you are in the third trimester as most procedures are difficult to be on your back for long hours. If the dental work is not urgent, it is best to postpone it until after the baby is born. Whenever possible, dental x-rays should be avoided, although the radiation exposure is very low, if there is really need for one, then the dentist must take special precautions.

Avoid chewing ice

Pregnancy comes with a lot of cravings like chewing ice. The condition is known as Pagophagia. This may be a sign of an eating disorder or a deficiency of nutrients. This can lead to major dental problems such as broken or chipped teeth, damage to dental fillings, and sore gums.

While the pregnancy period can be very overwhelming, it is important for all nursing and expectant mothers to take some time and focus on oral health. Vita Dental provides one of the best dental care that makes the journey worthwhile. Dental care during pregnancy is a very crucial moment because good oral health is directly related to your overall health.