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How to Overcome With Gum Recession

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Gingival recession or gum disease is an aesthetically unpleasant condition that affects the gums. The condition leads to the gum line pulling away from the teeth. The result is an elongated tooth appearance. There are ways to manage this situation. Here are some the experts at Vital Dental Recommend

Ways to Prevent Gum Recession

  1. Flossing is a Great Way to Prevent Further Gum Recession

By flossing, you will be able to clean 35% of the tooth that is unreachable with a toothbrush. It is also the part, which is most likely to store bacteria that cause gum recession.

  1. Smoking is Bad for The Gums

Smoking has a particularly nasty effect on gums. If you smoke, you should quit immediately for your gums to start regenerating.

  1. Do not Abuse alcohol

Alcohol, especially wine, can be good for your gum line in small quantities. However, studies have shown that too much of it tends to cause gum line to recede.

  1. You Can Use a Gum Graft to Restore Your Gums

A relatively new procedure that is quite effective at restoring your gum line. You can find competent experts at Katy dentist Care who can handle this procedure.

  1. A Mouth guard Can Help Protect your Gums

If you play contact sports such as boxing, ensure that you have a mouth guard. Repeated knocks to the gums can cause them to recede if they are not protected.

  1. Avoid chewing inedible Things

By constantly chomping on pen caps or fingernails, you could injure your gums. These small tears accumulate over time and cause the gum line to recede.

  1. Massaging the Gums helps

You can massage your gums using your fingers or use the tip of a soft toothbrush. It helps to encourage blood flow and prevents gum line recession.

  1. Regular Checkups are important

You should make sure you visit the dentist for regular checkups. He or she can help you to identify gum recession in the early stages.

  1. Drink Water often

Drinking water helps to dislodge bits of food that may be stuck in your mouth. Thus, bacteria will lack the sustenance they need and they will not negatively affect your gum line.

  1. Get Treated for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a condition, which if left untreated could cause the gums to recede. Ensure that you find the source of your dry mouth and fix it.

  1. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks are acidic in nature. If you consume them too often, they could affect the mouth’s pH; it creates the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive, which will cause your gum lines to recede.

  1. Exercise often

By exercising, it promotes blood flow into the gums. It is a great way of getting nutrients into the gums where they are needed to avoid gum recession.

  1. Avoid Using Hard bristled Toothbrushes

Besides eroding the surface of your teeth, a toothbrush with hard bristles also tears away at the gums. Get a soft bristled toothbrush today.

  1. Use a Mouthwash Instead of a Toothbrush

If you have sensitive gums, brushing them even with a soft toothbrush may not work. A mouthwash can help you to avoid making the gingival recession worse.

  1. Visit a Specialist

At times, your regular dentist may not have the skills to help you with gum recession. In such an instance, you will need the services of an experienced expert who handles gingival recession.

  1. Check Your Medication

Sometimes, the medication you are taking could be so powerful that it causes your gums to recede. If you notice a correlation between your medication and gingival recession, talk to your doctor about it.

  1. Reduce You Intake of Sugary Foods

A common cause of gum recession is too much sugar being lodged in the spaces between your teeth and gums. Reduce your intake of sugar and see if it alleviates your gingival recession.

  1. Learn How to Breathe Through Your Nose

Breathing through the mouth is one of the major causes of gum recession because it causes dry mouth. You should start to make an effort to breathe through your mouth.

  1. Use the Right Brushing Technique

Some people scrub away at their teeth and gums when they brush. The result is that they injure themselves, leading to gingival recession. Brush in gentle strokes, especially if you have problems with your gums.

  1. Take Mineral Supplements

Sometimes, the reason your gums are receding is that you may not be getting enough nutrients into your body. Buy some OTC supplements and see if it helps with you gum line.

  1. Eat a Balanced diet

If your diet is based on takeaway and soft drinks, you should think of changing it. An unhealthy diet can cause the poor development of your gum line.

  1. Avoid drinking too Much Tea

Tea is an acidic drink. If you consume too much of it, it could worsen your gum recession.

  1. Use Natural Herbs

For instance, tea tree oil has been known to help with oral health. Try it and see how it works out for your gums.

  1. Use the Proper Flossing Technique

While it is important to floss, doing it in the wrong way could actually cause you more problems. Ask your doctor or read an online tutorial on how to do it.

  1. Consider Using an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes not only clean your teeth but they also massage your gums. Thus, they help to rejuvenate blood flow in the gums, which prevents gum recession.