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Oral Piercing Risks – Why Your Dentist Doesn’t Like Them

Oral Piercing Risks – Why Your Dentist Doesn’t Like Them 150 150 Tony

Sometimes, the things we do to look cool can be a health hazard. For instance, oral piercings may look cool, but we at Vita Dental Spring recommend that you avoid them. The current trend toward body art, especially oral piercings, is something that we frown upon. Here is a bit more about oral piercings and the reasons we do not recommend you get them.

Types of Tongue Piercings

The most common tongue piercing that we at Vita Dental Spring see is the stud. Another common piercing is the ring. These are inserted through the tongue or via the lingual frenulum; the thin membrane that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Here are some of the problems that we often see from such piercings.

Tooth Movement

In most cases, most people who have tongue piercings never remove them. One reason is that it is part of their style. However, the other reason is that the tongue hole closes up and it requires surgery to remove it.

Because of this, there is constant pressure on the back of the teeth. With time, this will lead to some movement of the teeth, and they may even become so loose that they fall off. The result is that gaps may end up emerging where there were no gaps. This diastema is aesthetically displeasing.

Cracking and Chipping

With a hard piece of metal constantly swirling around in the mouth, it is easy to knock it against teeth when eating or talking. This is especially so at the start. With this constant contact, it can become quite easy to crack or chip a tooth with time. In some cases, you might even bight down on the piercing, causing a chunk of tooth material to fall out.

Bacterial Infections

Another common issue with oral jewelry is that you are likely to get a bacterial infection on the site of the piercing. This is especially so a few weeks after the piercing. This often happens since most people who do piercings are also likely to be tobacco users. This infection can lead to issues that are more serious such blood-borne hepatitis, herpes and even blood poisoning.

Gum Surgery

Because of the constant rubbing on the gums, this can wear out the gums and cause them to recede. This can happen if you have a lip piercing. In most cases, you will need to visit the periodontist for surgery. This will help to correct the gum rubbing.

Swallowing and Breathing Problems

The jewelry could come undone and become stuck in the lungs. If you are lucky, it will just be a ball and could pass through. However, if it is the longer portion, it could cause tears internally. You might need surgery to save your life. Be very wary about even considering getting an oral piercing.

Blood Loss

During the tongue piercing itself, you might end up losing so much blood that you need a blood transfusion. The tongue contains some relatively large blood vessels. During the procedure to get a tongue piercing, one of these major vessels could be struck. If you do not get to a hospital fast enough, things might not end well. The piercing technician has no expertise or equipment to close up an open blood vessel.

Loss of Function

In some cases, the technician might strike a nerve and cripple a facial muscle or even the tongue. In such a case, you might lose much of your sense of taste. Besides that, you might end up with a tongue that you cannot fully maneuver. Losing feeling in your face could also affect how you express yourself. This could make it hard for you to interact with others socially.

Possible Loss of Your Tongue

It might seem impossible, but if the tongue becomes infected, a portion of it might slough off or need to be removed. The tongue is one of those vital organs for which transplants are very rare. You might end up having to live your life without a functioning tongue or just a piece of tongue.

Risk of HIV or Hepatitis

The people who work as piercing technicians might not always adhere to the highest standards. They do not really undergo any strict training like dentists who spend over five years in school. As a result, it is possible for them to make a mistake and leave you exposed to HIV or hepatitis infection.

Once you contract any of this, you will have to live the rest of your life with it since there is no cure. You should avoid this medical burden at all costs. It will greatly limit your career opportunities and your quality of life.  This is a major reason why we at Vita Dental Spring advise you to avoid piercings.

Speech Problems

Having piercings in your tongue will limit how you talk. For one, you will produce a lot of salivae all the time. Thus, you will spit at people when talking to them. Therefore, you might be banned from working in professions such as hospitals and restaurants.