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How often do you need Teeth Cleaning?

How often do you need Teeth Cleaning? 150 150 admin

Teeth cleaning is an essential practice that everyone who wants to maintain high oral hygiene standards and perfectly healthy teeth has to practice. Practicing tooth cleaning, in addition to improving the appearance of your teeth, will help you prevent cavities and remove plaque from your teeth. The cleaner your teeth are the healthier your oral condition. Well, so how often does one have to clean their teeth? It is a question that many people have. Most people only handle the routine daily brushing of teeth,but just a few go to the dentist for teeth cleaning. Vita Spring Dentist, one of the best dental facilities, offers an answer to the question of how often one needs teeth cleaning.

Teeth cleaning can be put into two main categories. These include regular cleaning at home and cleaning at the dentist.

Personal Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your teeth is a practice that one needs to adopt every single day. You need to ensure that you have all the necessary oral care products to facilitate the cleaning of your teeth. The daily teeth cleaning practices include:

  • Brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day

You should neglect to brush your teeth neither in the morning nor at night. It is essential that you clean, also, before you retire to bed. Cleaning at night helps eliminate plaque and germs that have accumulated during the day. The brushing has to be done correctly and not just vaguely. Dental specialists say that poor brushing is even worse than not brushing your teeth at all. The recommended brushing motion is circular and gently. This will helps eliminate plaque efficiently.

Do not forget your tongue when brushing too. Plaque can, also, build upon the tongue leading to lousy odor and other oral health-related problems. As such, it is recommended that as you brush your teeth, take time and clean your tongue gently too.

  • Use fluoride toothpaste

When picking your toothpaste, look further than just the teeth whitening capabilities and the toothpaste flavor. In addition to your preferences, ensure that the toothpaste you use contains fluoride. Fluoride helps protect the teeth from decay and, also, provides your teeth with a protective coating.

  • Floss at least once in day

Just like brushing at night, most people focus on brushing their teeth but neglect entirely flossing. Flossing is equally as important as getting to brush your teeth. In fact, it is the most efficient way to get to those sections between your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach. Other than removing food particles that may have stuck between the teeth, flossing helps reduce plaque, stimulates your gums and lowers inflammation between your teeth. It is recommended that you floss at least once every day.

  • Don’t ignore mouthwash

Mouthwash is used by only a handful of people because most people don’t understand how they work. Mouthwash benefits one’s oral health by reducing the acidity in the mouth, re-mineralizes the teeth and, also, helps to clean areas that are hard to brush. Your dentist is the best person to offer you a recommendation on the best mouthwash to use.

  • Drink water regularly

Other than revitalizing your body, water is a good cleaning agent for your teeth. It is particularly recommended that you drink water after every meal to wash out any sticky foods and acidity that may be as a result of the substances you have consumed.

  • Watch the types of foods you eat. It is advisable to consume vegetables and fruits that are crunchy if you want to maintain clean teeth. Mushy stuff can stick easily on the teeth. It is, also, important that you eliminate acidic and sugary food. A buildup in acidity in the mouth can result in your enamel being eroded. The result is cavities. While you may not necessarily avoid such foods entirely, it is essential to regulate and know the foods and drinks you are consuming.

Getting a dental hygiene expert to clean your teeth

While brushing, flossing and using of mouthwash are recommended and are to be practiced daily, it is essential for you to have your teeth cleaned professionally by a dental hygiene professional. Usually, your dentist can do this task. This professional cleaning is necessary for helping get rid of hard deposits on and between your teeth that daily brushing and flossing cannot eliminate. It is, also, a teeth maintenance practice that helps prevent gum infections and other oral infections.

The number of times you need to have your teeth cleaned by a professional depends on how healthy your teeth and gums are. While it is recommended that you visit a dental hygienist at least once in every six months, those persons who have dental complications need to go for the cleaning regularly. To know how often you need to visit your dentist, have a consultation with them and have them give you a recommendation.

Oral health requires commitment and dedication. The teeth are a significant part of the body and they ought to be taken care. As such, it is vital that teeth cleaning be done regularly and efficiently.