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Natural Teeth Whitening: Fact vs. Fiction

Natural Teeth Whitening: Fact vs. Fiction 150 150 Tony

Natural Teeth Whitening: Fact vs. Fiction

Many people have considered teeth whitening as the best way of making teeth sparkling white and bright. A considerable number prefer the procedure because of specific facts about teeth whitening. However, many still shy off from this practice because of the different notions that come along with the process.

Are you considering teeth whitening? Vita Dental Spring separates the facts from fiction about this process to help you understand.

Below Are The Facts About Teeth Whitening:

This method of teeth whitening is safe and harmless to the tooth and the enamel. When performed by well-qualified dentists or dental therapists, the results may be attractive and gentle to the general tooth structure. However, when wrong proportions are applied in treatment, the process can turn out to be dangerous to the enamel and tooth.

Use whitening toothpaste to make sure your teeth whitened in a safer and hygienic manner. Some whitening pastes have ingredients like calcium bicarbonate which dissolves and breaks down the structure of the enamel. Toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is the best and suited for the job.

Natural teeth whitening may make your teeth insensitive to some drinks and foods. Nonetheless, this is more common among people who have a history of sensitive teeth. Dentists, however, have fells that can be applied to prevent sensitivity during and after the process.

Additionally, the results of teeth whitening can be long-lasting if proper diet and instructions are kept in practice. To keep your smile dazzling and youthful, take the trays always.

Teeth Absorb Just Like Sponges

The teeth just like the skin contain pores that absorb everything that is exposed to it hence leaving behind a footprint. Therefore, when you continuously apply whitening substances on the teeth, the pores take in the whitening compounds which help in delivering maximum results.

Gums Can Also Be Bleached

People with inflamed gums can also whiten the gums whenever they whiten their teeth.

Self-Esteem Booster

Many people admire and wish to have bright and good-looking smiles. Therefore, when this is achieved through whitening, such people always feel good in the inside while looking happy in the outside. This is, in turn, a great self-esteem booster. During the whitening procedure, the dentist always discusses with the patient about the best available options.

Nonetheless, with all the above facts, the process is coated with several myths and misconceptions, that people perceive the truth.

Fictions about Teeth Whitening

Increases Sensitivity

Teeth whitening causes sensitivity to people who have experienced the problem earlier. However, some people believe that whitening can be the core and leading cause of teeth sensitivity. People with sensitivity and still have whitening. The dentist can establish the reasons for sensitivity and design a proper treatment plan.

Whitening Weakens the Tooth Structure

When adequately done; whitening has effects on teeth and enamel. This can, however, come in when the procedure is done unprofessionally.

All Products Yield Similar Results

A vast array of teeth whitening products are available in the market. These products create different results within specific timeframes. Of these products, each has different levels of concentration that leads to varied results.

Anyone Can Do Teeth Whitening

Several people think that whitening is appropriate and can be done by any willing person. Specific groups of people cannot whiten their teeth. Such people are:


    Lactating and expectant women

    People with teeth sensitivity

    People with peroxide allergies

    Persons with gum diseases

Whitening Causes Pain

Other groups of people also think that the process comes with a lot of pain. According to Vita Dental Spring, this is a mere myth. With the advancement in technology, the process has become painless and safe. The pain is however mild after the procedure and heals after a short time.

Whitening Damages the Enamel

Whitening does not harm or damage your enamel. The enamel can only be destroyed if the whitening products contain certain chemicals that may cause it to dissolve.

Whitening Causes Oral Cancer

People associate whitening substances with cancer. This is attributed to the fact that these substances have chemicals that people mistakenly think will cause cancer. Dentists regularly analyze and test the whitening products before giving them to patients.

Whitening Is Permanent

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent. This is because foods and rinks frequently stain he teeth hence making it hard for the whitening to last for a longer time. It can only last for a significant amount of time when proper instructions are upheld.

Charcoal Does Not Whiten Teeth

It should be noted that charcoal only contains abrasive properties which erode and removes the enamel. Some groups of people also think that mixing certain citric fruits can yield a whitening paste. The mixture only forms a paste that can lead to the wearing out of the enamel.

Vita Dental Spring offers you many safe and successful methods of whitening the teeth. Book an appointment with us and have the qualified team of doctors give you the very best of teeth whitening services.