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How Much Do Dental Braces Cost?

How Much Do Dental Braces Cost? 150 150 admin

Sometimes the dental arrangement of teeth in the mouth can be out of shape. This can be caused by accidents, illnesses and sometimes it is a genetic trait. The orientation and arrangement of teeth in the upper and lower jaw is not uniform and it calls for dental braces to hold and press the teeth back into place.

Dental braces are normally used in young children before the teeth grow to be too strong. If the teeth are left for too long, they will be difficult to reshape and will be extremely uncomfortable for the child to eat leave alone talking. Although they are very essential in reshaping teeth, they are quite costly and affording them can be challenging. In case you were wondering how much dental braces cost, here is a breakdown of the type of dental braces and a few factors that determine their cost.

There are multiple types of braces available in the market today. These vary depending on the material used and the complexity of the whole process. The cost of the dental braces is also significantly affected by insurance cover. If you are covered by insurance, then the cost is a little cheaper. Sometimes the cost is almost half the price when one has no insurance cover. The following are the available types of brace and their average cost as given by a qualified orthodontist;

Metal Braces

These are the cheapest and oldest dental braces available. They are made from metal which is coated with a special material to prevent rusting and interfering with the taste of food. They have a steel tie to hold the wires to the tooth. They however require that one makes frequent visits to the doctor for check-ups and monitoring. The traditional metal braces cost anything from $2500 to $8000.

Damon Braces

These braces have no steel clamps to hold the wires between the containing brackets. The brackets hold onto the wires and hold them into place without the clamps. They are costlier than the traditional metal braces but have an advantage as one does not need to visit the dentist every time to get check-ups. With insurance, you can get the Damon braces at $5000 but without insurance you might have to part with almost $85000 to get them.

Ceramic braces

The other option for dental braces are the ceramic braces. The brackets here are made from clear ceramic and are very invisible. The only shortcoming of these braces is the fact that they easily stain and if not cleaned properly they can cause infections. They are very effective but are equally expensive. Averagely they cost anything from $4000 to $8000.

Lingual Braces

Probably the most expensive braces available, lingual braces are normally fixed behind teeth and are invisible. They are extremely effective and will move the teeth into shape within a few months. They are however very difficult and are very expensive. Averagely they range from $9000 to $12000. They are the most effective however and the most preferred type of brace because they are completely invisible.

Remember these costs are for braces fixed to children and young adults. Adults also have their braces but they are a little expensive than those of children because of the complexity of the fixing process.