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Mouth Guard Yourself Against Sports Induced Injuries this Fall

Mouth Guard Yourself Against Sports Induced Injuries this Fall 150 150 Tony

Mouth Guard Yourself Against Sports Induced Injuries this Fall

There are a lot of things to look forward to as soon as fall is around the corner, and one of them, especially for school children, is the prospect of playing our favorite fall sports. Fall is also when the school year winds down and as such most students are usually looking to sports to relieve the stress of a long and winding school year. With winter also in the horizon, it may also be the only opportunity for most of them to play their favorite outdoor sports. The thing with sports is that they carry a high risk of injuries, especially when it comes to contact sports such as football, soccer and many such sports. Another thing worth noting is that a lot of dental injuries are actually sports-related. This means that when playing your favorite fall sports, you are also exposing yourself to suffering dental injuries. Dental injuries can be quite gruesome in severe instances and could lead to badly cut tongues and lips as well as lost teeth. To avoid all this, while still enjoying playing your favorite sports this fall, then this is where mouth guards come in. Mouth guards are very important in guarding your mouth from sports induced injuries, especially since such injuries can be extremely unpredictable and can happen at any moment. This article will look to highlight the different ways in which they can help you avoid sports induced injuries this fall.

One of the ways that a mouth guard will help protect you from sports induced injuries this fall is that it will help protect you against displaced teeth. It is not always that dental injuries will result in teeth being completely knocked out of the mouth as a tooth can also be displaced into another position after trauma to the mouth when playing sports. A displaced tooth can mean that it has either been pulled out and will therefore appear elongated or it may be pushed in after trauma and it may end up appearing shorter than it actually should be. A displaced tooth may also be pushed backward, forward, sideways or even get rotated. This is exactly the sort of injuries that a mouth guard will guard you against as you play your favorite fall sports. Mouth guards will also help guard you from suffering injury to soft tissues in the mouth. The soft tissues of the mouth include the gums, cheeks, tongue and lips and are very sensitive and delicate hence injury to them can be very painful. Sports induced dental injuries usually cause injuries to these soft tissues hence by making use of a mouth guard, you can guard yourself from such injuries.

Mouth guards do not only help protect your teeth, they will also help protect your jaw and help prevent jaw fractures from trauma due to playing your favorite fall sports. For those that have suffered jaw, fractures, then they can attest to the fact that they are quite painful and the sort of injury you would definitely want to avoid; with mouth guards, you will be able to do just that. Another type of sports induced injury that mouth guards will protect you from this fall are teeth fractures. Chipping and breaking of teeth are very common as far as sports-related dental injuries are concerned and can also be quite painful, which is why they are usually dental emergencies. Mouth guards will also serve to prevent your teeth from getting knocked out as you play your favorite fall sports. When playing contact sports especially, getting knocks are sort of inevitable, they are part and parcel of such sports. If you get knocked in the mouth, then the chances of getting your teeth knocked out are pretty high. Wearing mouth guards will help you avoid such eventualities as they will protect your teeth and prevent them from getting knocked out.

The one thing that our dental experts over at insist on is that when getting yourself a mouth guard, go for a custom mouth guard rather than basic mouth guards. This is because custom mouth guards actually offer better protection than the basic ones as they are designed to fit one’s dental profile perfectly. This means that they will stay in place and offer you protection when you do receive a hit or knock to the mouth. Custom mouth guards are also made form high quality material that means they will last a lot longer than basic mouth guards bought in your local store. If you insist on buying your mouth guard from the store, then should ensure you look to get boil and bite mouth guards over stock mouth guards. This is because stock mouth guards aren’t moldable and as such can easily come loose and fall off especially if they don’t fit. Boil and bite mouth guards on the other hand will be able to fit you better as they are moldable and as such won’t fall off during a knock.

Remember, if you are looking to get yourself top quality custom mouth guards at affordable prices, you should look no further than