Top 10 List of Professional and Qualified Female Dentists In Houston Texas
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List of Professional Female Dentists In Houston

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Owing to their attitude, sympathy, great communication skills and a conservative approach, female dentists have become the preferred choice today. The number of female dentists has grown tremendously today and Americans particularly seem to have developed a soft-spot for them. The residents of Houston Texas are not any different and they enjoy services offered by the caring dentists. There are many female dentists in Houston and to help the locals find the best of the lot, we have listed the top 10 female dentists in Houston Texas. Here are the dentists;

*we have ranked them according to their proficiency and nature of service offered.

  1. Terri Alani D.D.S (Texastoothlady )

Terri Alani is one of the most experienced and longest serving dentists in Houston. With over 30 years of service she has become one of the most prolific and loved dentists in Houston. She has excellent qualifications and has helped thousands of locals regain their smiles. She can handle multiple areas in dentistry but she has a particular interest and love for cosmetic dentistry. She is a great option if you are looking for a charismatic family dentist.

  1. Lara Regis D.D.S (Lararegisdds)

Recognised by the Texas Dental Association and the American Dental Association, Lara Regis D.D.S provides dental care for the whole family. She offers a wide range of dental services and employs a range of orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, ceramic braces, and traditional metal braces to help put a smile back on the locals of Houston. She is massively experienced and has a great past record.

  1. Kathy Frazar D.D.S (Drfrazar)

Very few dentists in Houston can match the level of professionalism that Kathy Frazar D.D.S shows in her daily work. She has a great record when it comes to putting smiles on the faces of Americans and dental braces is her cup of tea.She thrives on providing dentistry services the Houston locals love and it’s no surprise that she is one of the most sought after dentist. She is massively experienced and you can trust her to deliver when called upon.

  1. Deborah Gennero D.D.S (Drgennero)

Deborah has been operating in Houston for many years and her charisma and great sense of humour have really helped her develop into a family favourite. She has a great facility in Houston, Texas where she has employed a couple of other medical practitioners and together they are putting smiles on the faces of the locals. Visit her today and get a service of unmatched quality.

  1. Betty S. Albers D.D.S (Downtowndentist)

A local resident of Houston, Dr. Betty S. Albers graduated from University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston in 1979 and has been in private practice in the area since completing her schooling. She is one of the longest serving dentists and is massively experienced therefore. She is family-oriented in her service delivery and I can guarantee you she will always deliver high quality results when hired.

  1. Juliana A. Barros (Utdentists)

Working with the UT dentists in Houston Texas, Julianna has truly earned her place as one of the greatest laser dentists. Her educational background reflects how brilliant and diligent she is and why she is qualified to operate in such a competitive field. She handles general dentistry but has incorporated technology in her day to day work. She is extremely friendly and you will enjoy working with her for sure.

  1. Dina Bramipour (Moberidentalspecialists)

Dina Bramipourhas massive experience in general dentistry and will deliver quality service always. She has been helping the good people of Houston with all their dental problems for over ten years now and has massive experience. It is no surprise therefore that her clinic is one of the most visited in the area. She can handle multiple dental problem but orthodontics is her main area of focus. Her services come at a great price and the results are always excellent

  1. Lauren Brownfield (Drbrownfield)

A board certified periodontist, Dr. Brownfield is one of the best dentists in the Houston area who has truly revolutionized the field of dentistry. When she came into the dentistry scene, Brownfield had one objective; to make the service delivery quicker and help patients achieve results in record time. Through accelerated orthodontics, she has helped hasten procedures that otherwise took ages to have any meaningful effect on the dental structure. She is result-oriented and you will enjoy her friendly nature as well.

  1. Rita Cammarata D.D.S (Kids-Teeth)

Dr.Cammarata is undoubtedly one of the best paediatric dentists that Houston has seen. The massively experience dentist has heavily invested in her service and has first class paediatric facility in the heart of Houston and has been putting smiles on the faces of the young ones. She has a large team of medical practitioners and other customer service assistants who have helped her earn the reputation. Her personable character coupled with her high regard for success have seen her become one of the best dentists in the area. If you have a young one with a tooth problem or needs any dental help, then Dr. Rita Cammarata D.D.S should be one of your best options.

  1. Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS *editors pick (Vitadentalhouston)

They don’t come better than Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS when it comes to female dentists. She is a brilliant, qualified and massively experienced dentist working with the Vita Dental group. She excelled very well in medical school and has enjoyed dentistry ever since. She has been in service for over ten years and has literally seen it all in terms of dentistry. Her friendly nature and charisma have seen her become a favourite among the kids. This is why she is almost entirely used as a paediatric dentist in Vita. She knows how to handle the little ones and makes them smile while at it. She can handle multiple areas in dentistry and is undeniably the best Houston has ever seen. If you are looking for the best female dentist is Katy, then you have every right to visit at vita dental care and Hire Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS. Great dentist but even better person. Contact Vita Dental and make Dr.Jisoo Shin, DDS your family dentist today.