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How do you know that you need root canal treatment?

How do you know that you need root canal treatment? 150 150 admin

When forming, teeth just like all body parts, need a constant supply of nutrients and nourishment to perform their tasks as required. These nourishment and nutrients are supplied by blood vessels which are located in the canals deep in the root of the tooth. With time though, when your teeth are all grown and strong, they stop needing the nerves and blood vessels. This means that the nerves and blood vessels or the entire root canal can be removed and the tooth can still function properly. The removal of the pulp containing blood vessels has been used as treatment therapy for a very long time and has helped a lot of people.

Very many people suffering from common dental problems can actually solve their pain problems once and for all through root canal treatment. Very few people however, know of the existence of this treatment method. Among the few that know of the treatment method, there are those who are very skeptical about the feasibility of this therapy in healing dental problems. According to them, anything that involves removal of natural parts of teeth is far from ideal and they therefore shy away from using the method. Although the statement contains some elements of truth, it does not entirely apply here when it comes to the root canal because we have already seen that the tooth can still function normally with or without the canal containing vessels and nerves.

So, under what conditions is the root canal removed? How do you know that you need root canal treatment?

Here are signs that show that you need root canal treatment

Acute pain

If you have been experiencing persistent tooth aches and pains in your teeth, then this might be a sign that you need root canal treatment. Pain is often a first indicator that something is wrong at the root of your tooth. When the pulp containing the vessels and nerves is inflamed or infected, the nerves are exposed and become more sensitive to touch and changes in temperature. When you cannot do normal activities such as eating or drinking without pain, then you should see your dentist. He or she may examine you and reveal you have a cavity that has caused your nerves and blood vessels to inflame and become infected. Antibiotics cannot heal the inflamed pulp and the only option left for the dentist, is to completely remove the root canal to relieve the pain.

Broken or cracked tooth

If your tooth suffers an accident or trauma that causes it to partially break or crack, then it might be time to say goodbye to your root canal. If your tooth is broken and the nerves are exposed, you risk contracting infections which may have far worse consequences. In such a scenario, the only option that your dentist has, is to remove the root canal to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Sensitivity to changes in temperature

The other indicative sign that you may need root canal treatment, is too much sensitivity to temperature changes. If you ever realize that drinking cold drinks or eating cold foods such as ice cream is becoming increasingly unbearable, then you need to get rid of your root canal. This applies to hot foods and hot drinks. If you realize that just a cup of coffee is resulting in massive pain in your teeth, then you need to see a dentist because your teeth have become overly sensitive to changes in temperature. As we all know, the receptors of changes in temperature in the body are the nerves. If the dentist gets rid of these nerves therefore, you will no longer be feeling any pain when drinking hot or cold drinks.

Furthermore, if you notice the gum area around your tooth is swollen, this could be a sign of problems below the surface. A thorough exam may find you have inflammation and could need a root canal if the problem doesn’t improve.

If you really care about the quality of life you want to lead, then you need to consider root canal treatment. Pains and tooth sensitivity can really affect the quality of life you live and can potentially make your life hell. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned signs, then you need to see your dentist for root canal treatment. It is a safe, painless and absolutely quick procedure that will be over in minutes. It will save you a lot of frustrations and pain.

We offer top quality root canal treatment here at Houston Vita Dental Care and always help our patients come to terms with the importance of sacrificing their canals when need arises. Our professional dentists have all the experience and dexterity to perform the root canal treatments and will offer the best possible after care until you are completely healed. Give us a call today for the best root canal treatment in Houston.