Take A Look at How Tap Water Might Be Helping You To Avoid Tooth Decay
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How Does Your Kitchen Sink Prevent Tooth Decay?

How Does Your Kitchen Sink Prevent Tooth Decay? 150 150 Tony

Everyone enjoys going to the refrigerator or drug store and grabbing a nice chilled bottle of water. What you may not know of is that bottled water is not as beneficial to your body as you might imagine. That is why we at Vita family dentistry have decided to explain why your kitchen sink might be helping you avoid tooth decay.

Bottled water is not as healthy as you think

The common belief is that if you want to consume healthy water, you should drink bottled water. It is because bottle water companies claim their water has been extra filtered. However, this is not true. Both tap and bottled water must go through an FDA-approved filtration process to make it clean and safe for consumption. The only difference is that bottled water does not contain enough fluoride.

For many decades, the American Dental Association has fought to have water fluoridated all over the US. In fact, the CDC ranks fluoridation of water as amongst the top 10 achievements in public health in the 20th century.

Why You Should Have Fluoride in Your Water

Fluoride is a mineral that forms naturally in nature. This mineral is useful in preventing teeth from rotting. Besides that, it is quite quickly absorbed by the enamel, which makes the truth quite resilient to tooth decay. Here are the reasons, in detail, why you need to take tap water:

It makes Your Enamel Harder

Fluoride is often known as nature’s cavity fighter. It is one of the most beneficial things, which you can give to your teeth. For those who doubt about the pure quality of this useful mineral, two cities in Canada experimented. The city of Calgary in Canada decided that it would not add fluoride to its drinking water.

Researchers were curious,and they decided to start investigating the effects of this bold move. They compared kids in second grade to kids in the same grade in another city, Edmonton, also in Canada. This city has added fluoride to its water since 1967. In 2016, they published their research. What they found was that kids in Calgary had more tooth decay than those living in Edmonton. The proof was quite definitive too.

It Helps to Clean Your Mouth

When you drink soda, a sports drink or juice that could help to wash down the dinner you just had. However, it will also live some bits of sugar in the mouth. This sugar will begin to decay and produce some acid in the mouth. This acid will start to eat away at your enamel. With time, it will make it more porous, thus prone to bacteria and decay. However, if you take only tap water, you could help to wash away any food particles that may be stuck in your mouth.

The water cleanses every corner of your mouth with every sip. It sweeps away any food particles that might act as food for bacteria in the mouth. Besides that, if there is any acidic content in the mouth, it will help to dilute it. You still need to brush twice daily and floss your teeth. However, if you sip on a glass of tap water, it will help to keep your teeth shiny and white.

It is Useful in Fighting Dry Mouth

Saliva plays a crucial role in fighting tooth decay. It helps to get rid of excessive bits of food in the mouth and makes it easy for you to swallow food. Besides that, your saliva contains phosphates, calcium, and fluoride, which it supplies to the teeth.

If you run low on saliva, dry mouth can set it and set the stage for tooth decay. When you drink some tap water, it can help to reduce dry mouth. It is a temporary but essential solution as you and the doctor work to identify a lasting solution to your current problem.

It does not contain any calories

Any drink you take that is not just water always includes some calories. When you take too many calories, it causes you to gain weight. As you gain weight, the rest of your body becomes unhealthy and is unable to fight off even uncomplicated infections. It sets the stage for cavities to fix it. In fact, some studies have shown that drinking water can help you to cut weight. Thus, the next time you feel thirsty, just turn on the tap and drink water. You will feel satiated while staying healthy as well.

Would you have thought drinking tap water could keep tooth decay at bay?

Unfortunately, many people do not know how beneficial tap water can be to them. The next time you feel thirsty; do not rush to pick up some bottled water. Just turn on your tap and wash your teeth with fluoride. You might be saving yourself a trip to the dentist chair to have a rooting tooth extracted.