5 Tips to Review Your Kids Good Dental Dabits
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Do Your Kids Have Good Dental Habits

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As a parent, one of the most important things that you can teach your children is how to properly take care of their teeth. Oral hygiene is very important to any child and as a parent, you want your children to have the best possible education on the same from an early age. The earlier the kids learn to take care of their teeth and oral health, the lower the chances of the kids suffering from dental and other oral problems. Some parents take oral hygiene for granted and assume that their kids will learn about it in school. This is so wrong because although it is taught in school, oral hygiene is best understood by kids when taught practically by their own parents. So as a parent, how do you know whether your children have good dental habits?

Review 5 Good Dental Habits in Children

Frequency of brushing teeth

The first thing that any parent should teach his/her children is the brushing of teeth. By the time a child is three, he/she should be able to brush teeth after every meal. As a parent, you need to explain to you children the importance of brushing teeth regularly and the ramifications of not doing so. Explain to them the importance of having a clean set of teeth always and the consequences of not brushing teeth regularly. To know whether you children listened to your advice, check out their frequency of brushing teeth. Do they brush immediately they wake up? Do they remember to floss after every meal? Do you have to always remind them to brush the teeth? If you realize that the child is hesitant to brush or always forgets to brush after meals, then you need to take him/her through the oral education once again. Alternatively delegate the duties to the family dentist of Kids because they have better ways of making children fall in love with brushing their teeth.

How much toothpaste do they use?

Yes, this is a very important aspect of dental health. You need to teach your children the right amount of toothpaste that they should use every time they brush their teeth. According to the ADA, the right amount of toothpaste should be pea-size. Too much toothpaste is not healthy for teeth because of fluoride and sodium lauryl sulphate. To find out whether the children listened to your advice, just check out the amount of toothpaste they normally use. Kids tend to use a lot of toothpaste especially when the toothpastes have sweet flavors.

Let them pick their own brushes

If you want to make children fall in love with brushing their teeth, then please let them have the freedom of choosing their own toothbrushes. There are a number of fancy toothbrushes from which the kids can choose their favorite shape and size. This alone can serve as motivation for them to want to brush their teeth after every single meal. Let them choose their own toothbrushes and you will notice a sudden change in their dental habits-they will be enjoying cleaning their teeth more.

Watch their diets

As a parent, you are required to teach your children from an early age about the types of foods that are likely to destroy their teeth. Warn them against sugary foods such as candy. Educate them the importance of eating calcium reach foods and so forth. After a while, observe their diets. If you realize that they have started loving sugary foods and eating candy while you are away, then you need to get alarmed because their dental habits are not good. Take a tour to the dentist and let him/her explain the importance of avoiding certain foods.

Watch out for peculiar oral habits

The other factor that you should use to judge whether your children have the right dental habits, is certain oral habits such as grinding of teeth and thumb sucking. Grinding of teeth is a very common habit especially among children and it can damage the cusps and chewing surfaces of teeth. Sucking of thumbs and other fingers is also another bad habit that children have which can cause diseases and complications to teeth. If you realize that your child has picked up any of these peculiar habits, then you need to seriously teach them on the right dental habits.

If you live in Houston and have realized that you child doesn’t have good oral habits, then you need to contact us. At Katy Dental Care, we believe that dental habits should be taught from an early age and we always strive to educate the young ones in the community on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. Our dentists have special training on handling children and will pass down the information with ease. We make the children fall in love with good dental habits! Visit us today and safeguard the future of your children’s dental health.