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Is It Painful To Get Teeth Cleaned?

Is It Painful To Get Teeth Cleaned? 150 150 Tony

Is It Painful To Get Teeth Cleaned?

Neglecting dental hygiene could end up costing hundreds of dollars later. That is why we at Vita Dental Spring encourage our patients to come for regular dental cleanings once every six months. However, for some people, teeth cleanings can be painful.

For some people, a deal breaker for getting cleanings is the pain. The technique requires years of experience. At Vita Dental Spring, we utilize the best experts, who ensure that you do not feel any pain.

A great hygienist, such as the ones at Vita Dental Spring will use great techniques while being gentle. However, you need to know that dental scaling can take quite a long time, depending on how much plaque has built up on your teeth. You can help to prevent some of the pain from cleaning by following the advice we have listed here.

Attend Regular Cleanings

Dental cleanings involve the use of abrasive chemicals that can sometimes eat away at the enamel. However, if you go for cleaning about once or twice a year, this can help to reduce the amount of plaque that has built up. It will also ensure that the dental hygienist will not need to use the most powerful equipment in their arsenal. Thus there is less chance of pain.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

To avoid the most aggressive dental cleaning procedures, ensure that you care for your oral health at home. This way, there is not much plaque buildup. It will make sure the cleaning is short and painless.

Take Advil

The Advil is best taken about an hour before and after your cleaning. It can help end the pain that you might experience during and after your cleaning. Take about 600 to 800mg an hour before treatment and again six hours later. The medication will help to reduce the chances of inflammation and hence eliminate pain.

Ask For a Numbing Spray

If you experience a lot of pain, ensure that you tell the hygienist you need numbing during your cleaning. Additionally, if you experience too much pain, you may ask for anesthesia to be injected.

Use Special Desensitizing Toothpaste

If you have sensitive teeth, it might be a sign that you are not using the proper brand of toothpaste. Consider purchasing a desensitizing tooth to help you get over the pain that you feel. It will help you build up some resistance is some of those sensitive areas in your mouth.

Avoid Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs where you use an abrasive toothbrush or if you brush too hard. It will make the teeth sensitive when the lower half, which is more sensitive, becomes exposed. When gums recede, the teeth will not only pain during the cleaning but even when you try to eat warm or cold foods. If you keep damaging your gums, the gums heal, and then they recede. When this goes on for some time, the gums become so withdrawn that a significant portion of your teeth is exposed. Besides brushing the teeth too hard, you also need to avoid harsh toothpaste.

Use an Electronic Toothbrush

An electronic toothbrush might be the only way to help you avoid gum recession. Since it does all the work for you, you do not suffer the risk of injuring your teeth. If you have a habit of over brushing, switch your toothbrush and go electric. It will also mean there is less plaque that the hygienist needs to scrape on your next visit.

Try To Identify What Causes the Pain

In some cases, the pain could be due to the water spray, the ultrasonic cleaner, or other devices. Please ensure you tell our hygienist at Vita Dental Spring what is the exact cause of your pain. It can help us to come up with a better alternative that does not cause any pain for you.

Spread Out the Cleaning

In some cases, the tartar buildup might be so massive that you need two appointments. Otherwise, a single session might prove to be too painful. You can spread it out over two weeks or even over three months. Instead of getting a major cleaning once a year, you can have mini cleanings once every three months.

Schedule an Early Appointment

If your appointments always seem to be for later in the day when you are tired, an early appointment could help to reduce some of your pain. The fatigue of the day can make you feel uncomfortable being on the dental chair.

Ask Around

Just as any profession, the results of any cleaning are not all the same. If you feel you need to switch, you can give Vita Dental Spring a call if you live in Spring, TX. Besides that, some dental offices have many oral hygienists. It is all about how you feel towards your treatment experience is going. Some oral hygienists can also be harsh, which might affect your perception of being in a dental chair.