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Is Invisalign the Right Treatment for Your Teeth?

Is Invisalign the Right Treatment for Your Teeth? 150 150 Tony

Is Invisalign the Right Treatment for Your Teeth?

Introduced in the early 1990s, Invisalign has proved to be a remedy for people with different teeth problems and appearance.

Invisalign aligners help to fix crooked and crowded teeth. The aligners can also help fix bite problems like overbites and underbites.

However, is the use of Invisalign aligners the best remedy for your teeth?

Patients intending to use Invisalign aligners should take note of the following circumstances:

1.    How Serious Is Your Dental Problem?

Invisalign is appropriate for treating both mild and complex cases of; misaligned teeth, overcrowded teeth, and gaps in between teeth.

Different patients have different problems with their teeth, and just because a workmate or a family friend uses Invisalign does not mean that you are also supposed to have it.

Below is a number of bite problems that Invisalign can treat:

Overbite condition

in this condition, the teeth in the upper jaw bite over the teeth on the lower jaw.

This misalignment of jaws generally affects how the jaws are closed and opened leading to the grinding of teeth and cavities.

Even though the condition is sometimes genetical and can be inherited, the condition can also arise due to poor jaw formation.


The underbite is the complete opposite of overbite.

With this condition, the teeth on the lower jaw bite over the teeth on the upper jaw.

This makes the jaw look as if they are protruded outside.

The condition can lead to tooth decay, cavities and grind.

Both underbite and overbite have their effects on the patients, they cause teeth grinding, change the facial appearance of a person and consequentially make someone look older than their real age.

Crowded teeth

Another problem on the list is the problem of crowded teeth.

This happens when many teeth are bunched together closely, implying that there will be no harmonious relationship between the teeth and the jaws they are aligned on. Overcrowding can be brought about when the sizes of the teeth are irregular or when there is jaw displacement.

The condition leads to frequent jaw and enamel pains along the root area.

Gapped teeth

Gapped teeth arise when the jaw bone is bigger than the number of teeth. This hence makes the teeth to be more spaced out.

The gaps between teeth can trap solid food particles and plaque easily causing decays, cavities, dental caries and other gum diseases. Though hereditary gaped teeth can be as a result of; small teeth size, extra or missing teeth, large jaws and lingual fraenum.

Open bite

Open bite as the name suggests comes about when the jaws are unable to make physical contacts.

This hence makes the jaws not to touch each other when closing he mouth.

When one, therefore, realizes that he or she has conditions related to the ones above, using an Invisalign aligner should be considered as an option. Moreover, vita dental springs can guide you further on how or when your condition suits the aligners.

2. Age of Patient

Age is a major determiner of your dental condition is suitable enough to start using Invisalign aligners

Dentists recommend that the aligners are not suitable for teenagers or small children,

As at this tender age, the teeth of children will still be growing and developing. This makes it hard to predict how the jaws and teeth will look like when fully developed and grown.

moreover, use of Invisalign requires proper caution and responsibility. Children and young teenagers cannot sustain this level of responsibility compared to grown-ups.

Generally, wearing aligners should be at least twenty to twenty-two hours per day. When this timeframe is not well observed, the entire treatment process is bound to be compromised.

When done with Invisalign treatment, patients start wearing devices called retainers only when sleeping.

This shows how this treatment process requires total commitment which can only be guaranteed by people old enough.

3.Can You Afford the Treatment Cost?

Invisalign are costly to buy for those patients who may be facing financial constraints.

Nevertheless, the cost depends on the severity of one’s condition and how long it will take for the condition to be fully rectified.

Taking a medical cover is recommendable as the policy will cater for some medical expenses altogether. A virtual cost calculator is a calculator offered by Invisalign the calculator helps patients estimate their treatment costs by factoring in how severe and serious their condition is.

Seek Professional Advice and Opinion from Dentists

Professional opinions can only be provided by certified dentists.

Since this condition can be noted in the early stages of growth and development, opinion from doctors can help solve and treat it before it becomes more severe.

Grown-ups who believe that their conditions require Invisalign can also follow suit and get better advice on how and when to use the aligners.

With these factors in place, one can easily decide if Invisalign is the right treatment for their teeth

One can schedule an appointment with Vita dental springs for dental checkups and consultation and their own convenient time.