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What Ingredients Is in Your Toothpaste?

What Ingredients Is in Your Toothpaste? 150 150 Tony

If you often brush, every-night and morning, you squeeze some toothpaste onto a toothbrush. Have you ever wondered what the paste you apply to the teeth is made? Do you ever think of how it manages to clean your teeth? Most toothpastes are quite similar in both their active and inactive ingredients.

The active ingredients are what help to fight cavity and ensure your teeth are strong and healthy. The inactive ingredients are used to give the toothpaste its taste and texture. It may not play a role in protecting teeth,but without them, toothpaste would just not be toothpaste.  Here is a breakdown that we at Vita Dental Care have prepared to help you understand that paste you use twice daily.


If you want to fight cavities, the mineral of choice should be fluoride. It is one of the most crucial minerals in this job. According to the American Dental Association, fluoride is a natural enemy of cavities. Fluoride is a mineral, which not only fights cavities but also helps to strengthen the teeth’s outer layer. It makes them hard and impervious to bacteria that cause cavities. Besides that, the teeth are less likely to chip or wear down when you eat hard or acidic foods. Although there is toothpaste without fluoride, the ADA will only give its seal of approval to those that do.


Abrasives are considered an inactive ingredient although they do play an essential role in toothpaste. They cannot reduce your risk of contracting cavities,but your teeth would just be the same without them. Abrasives are what help to get rid of the physical particles stuck in your teeth.

In the toothpaste of the pasts, abrasives were usually quite rough. They would comprise of things such as crushed eggshells, crushed oyster shells, or something else. However, modern abrasives are very gentle. Most of them are dehydrated silica gels, calcium carbonate, and hydrated aluminum oxide.

These abrasives aim to scrub the teeth’s surface without damaging the enamel. In most cases, they give the teeth a gentle polish, which helps them to look good while being free of bacteria.


While abrasives and fluoride may help to clean teeth, they are not delicious. In fact, they are quite bitter,and toothpaste would be too repulsive for most people. It is the reason all modern toothpaste come with some flavors added. These flavors are mainly sweetening compounds such as sorbitol and saccharin.

In some cases, you can even find fruit flavored toothpaste brands that encourage children to brush their teeth. Although they contain sweet compounds, no toothpaste has sugar. Thus, it is unlikely that you will suffer any tooth decay from using them. The ADA will only give its seal of approval to those toothpaste brands with sweeteners. If toothpaste has sugar in it, the ADA will not approve it.


Humectants are merely products that help toothpaste retain its water content. Most sweeteners such as sorbitol also act as humectants. That way, you get a sweet, smooth paste when you squeeze your tube of toothpaste. Otherwise, it would turn ashy quite fast and would be almost impossible to use after continuous storage at the store. Other humectants often used in toothpaste include glycerol and glycol.


In case you have wondered how your toothpaste forms, it is because it contains detergents. This forming helps to make the cleaning of teeth much more comfortable. Without it, teeth cleaning would be a very awkward affair. An ordinary detergent that is found in most toothpaste is lauryl sulfate.

Detergents are placed in toothpaste to act as a loosening agent. They break down any substances on the surface of teeth. That way, they are dissolved and rinse away with water when you are done cleaning your teeth. You should note that the detergents used in toothpaste are mild so that they do not irritate the sensitive tissues in the mouth.

If you have eaten greasy food, detergents play a crucial role. They help to break down any oily layers in your mouth so that they can be washed out of your mouth. Besides toothpaste, you can find detergents in beauty products such as shampoos. The cleanser is usually sourced from coconut or palm oil kernels. While there are claims that sodium lauryl sulfate is harmful, this is not true. The ingredient has been used in toothpaste for over 50 years,and no complications have ever been reported.

However, in people with canker sores, lauryl sulfate can increase the level of irritation. Thus, they need to watch for it when purchasing the toothpaste.


The next time you purchase toothpaste and find yourself pondering about its ingredients, merely flip over its box. You will see the contents listed, which will give you an idea of what it contains. With this information, you can be able to tell whether it will provide you with ample protection against diseases such as gingivitis and look here for some expert toothpaste guide by dentist to purchase.