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Important Reasons for Dental Consultations

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Important Reasons for Dental Consultations

A dental consultation is a visit that you pay for dental care orders such as Vita Dental Spring. The visit is non-invasive and is used to discuss your concerns, issues, and the treatment options. Most of the dentists will offer a free consultation while others will ask for a small fee to cover the time. If you are thinking of a major dental procedure, it is best to go for a consultation first. Here are some of the reasons we at Vita Dental Spring think you should come in for a dental consultation.

Learn about Your Options

Most dental issues usually have more than one solution. You need to choose the approach based on your budget, cosmetic desire, and comfort level. If you are planning to do a dental restoration, you will find that there are indirect and direct treatment options offered.

A direct restoration will restore the existing teeth by inserting filling materials into the damaged area. The fillings are available in various materials. You can have the cavity filled with gold, porcelain, plastic, resin, glass ionomer, and amalgam.

An indirect restoration will cover the damaged teeth using an onlay, inlay or a crown. These are offered in various materials such as porcelain, resins, and gold. If you miss one or more teeth, you can get implants or look into non-implant options such as removable partial dentures, tooth supported bridges, or a resin-bonded bridge.

During the consultation, the dentist will assist you to explore all options. He or she will ask you some leading questions that will help you determine the approach that is best for your needs. You do not have to schedule the procedure after the consultation. If one of the dentists does not offer the services that you need, this is the time that you should move on to other options.

Understanding the Procedure

Some dental procedures are usually very complex. Before you go to the dentist’s chair for treatment, it is important to know what you will get. The consultation is the best time to ask all the questions you might have. You will be given a detailed explanation of what will happen once you are on the dentist’s chair. Our dentists at Vita Dental Spring will usually accompany the explanation with visuals. This will help you to understand what will happen, which assists you to calm your nerves.

Checking Eligibility

Dental care is usually personalized. Every person and every tooth are unique and decay may happen in various ways. Treatment that worked for someone may not work for you. This is even though their situations may look similar. Other health conditions may also affect how eligible you are for treatment. You will get an opportunity to discuss all your issues during a consultation. Thus, you do not go for a procedure only to find that you do not qualify.

For instance, if you are taking blood thinners, you might have to stop taking the medication to prevent excessive bleeding during the operation. Patients that have certain heart problems are also advised to take antibiotics before a procedure. If you suffer from heart disease, talk to your dentist to determine which antibiotics will help you in your treatment.

Pregnancy affects your dental health and the approach taken for treatment. Thus, tell your dentist about any suspected or known conditions including if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Getting Additional Care Tips

Dental care may seem easy but many patients miss some important elements of the dental care routine. You can brush daily, but you will find that you are not using the right technique or toothpaste for your needs.

A consultation is a great time to address the dental care issues. Your dentist will offer a lot of insight and advice that can help you to properly care for your teeth. It is especially important if you are thinking of undergoing a restorative dental procedure. You will need to ensure that your smile gets the care and attention that you need to protect your teeth.

Exploring Payment Options

Some dental procedures come with a huge price tag. At the consultation, the dentist will discuss the payment options and the administrative staff will happily contact your insurance provider to determine what you will pay.

Most of the offices will usually offer one but if they do not, you need to request the written estimate. If you do not feel like you can pay the sum in a single visit, you can request for payment plans. We at Vita Dental Spring have some great payment plans that we can offer you. Most offices will separate the bill into various payments to ease the payment strain.


Dental consultations give you a good idea of what you can expect. You should consult with various dentists to get a good view of the issue and the treatment options. However, if you feel good after one consultation, you can get the procedure.