How To Cure Childrens Allergies Before It Effects His Dental Care
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How Your Children’s Allergies Impact Their Oral Health in Spring Texas

How Your Children’s Allergies Impact Their Oral Health in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

How Your Children’s Allergies Impact Their Oral Health in Spring Texas

For those who have been to or live in Spring Texas, you can agree that it is one of the best places to live in, especially for those with young families and children. This is because of the strong sense of community in the area as well as the fact that there are lots of quality facilities and amenities that make it a great place to raise children. These include schools, hospitals as well as dental practices that offer excellent pediatric dental services. However, as lovely as it is for children, it can be quite tough for those children with allergies, especially when allergy season comes around. This is because the warm weather of allergy season in Spring Texas usually brings with it a potent combination of increased pollen in the air as well as sprouting of more weeds and grasses that can be quite tough for your child if they have allergies. All of a sudden, the excellent environment and nice fields and spaces to play that are aplenty in Spring Texas may become a problem for children with allergies. When your child is having to grapple with allergies, the last thing that may be on your mind is their dental health. however, your children’s allergies may actually have an impact as far as their oral health is concerned and this article will look to explain how, for the benefit of the parents over in Spring Texas.

One of the common symptoms that children with allergies usually have to grapple with especially during allergy season is sinus pain and pressure due to inflammation and build-up of mucus as their immune system tries to fight off the various allergens such as pollen. This build-up of pressure, especially in the maxillary sinuses, which are the largest sinuses in one’s face above their mouth, it can push down on the roots of one’s upper molars. This can lead to tooth pain when your child is eating or increase sensitivity in their teeth when it comes to hot and cold foods. This pressure may also result in them feeling pain when they shift from one position to another such as lying down, standing up among others. If your child is experiencing such pain, then giving them an antihistamine is the way to go so that it can lower the inflammation and pressure hence provide relief from the pain. If this works, then you can chalk down the pain as being due to allergies. If the pain persists however, or even shifts to another area other than their upper molars, then the pain may be due to oral health issues such as tooth decay and you should bring your child at Vita Dental Spring to be assessed and attended to.

Another way in which your children’s allergies may impact on their oral health is when it comes to their dry mouth, which is common in children with allergies especially during allergy season. This is because, allergies, as mentioned above, lead to stuffing up of their nose and they are therefore forced to breathe through their mouths. This is what causes them to develop dry mouths, especially when they are at sleep, as they are more likely to breathing with their mouths during sleep time. Dry mouth in children with allergies is also usually as a result of taking antihistamine medication to clear up the congestion, as these medications usually lead to a dry mouth as one of the side effects. Dry mouth is usually as a result of less saliva which plays a very important role in fighting off tooth decay as well as removing food particles from your mouth. A dry mouth is therefore more susceptible to oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum disease due to the low levels of saliva. This is another major impact children allergies have on their oral health. This is why it is recommended that if your child has allergies, then giving them certain foods such as celery, carrots among others can help boost their saliva during allergy season as well as drinking lots of water. If the lack of saliva in your children persists beyond allergy season, then give as a visit at family dental care in spring for more solutions and remedies such as the CariFree CTx2 spray that will help keep their mouths moist.

Bad breath is yet another thing that is common in children with allergies during allergy season due to the difficulties breathing that are common in children with allergies during this period. Allergies lead to reduced saliva in the mouth and therefore the bacteria that are behind plaque and gum disease thrive, leading to this bad odor. Allergies also lead to build-up of mucus which can result to post-nasal drip that also contributes to the bad odor, and can also lead to sore throats. This is why it is advised that children with allergies gargle with warm salt water so as to combat this bad odor. Use of mouth wash or toothpaste may also help deal with the build-up of plaque. You should also bring your child over to us for teeth cleaning to remove said plaque and tartar.

It is clear from this article that your children’s allergies can impact their oral health and that is why it is important to be prepared accordingly. You can head over to Vita Dental for more information on how you can be more prepared as well as information on how you can book an appointment with us for when your child needs to see a Dentist in Spring Tx.