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How to treat cracked mouth corners

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How to treat cracked mouth corners

This is a fungal and bacterial infection that is very common and it affects the mouth corners leading to deep splits and cracks. Medically known as Angular cheilitis or Perleche, a French word that means ‘to lick’. This condition affects people of all ages who have a tendency of licking dry lips to avoid itching and dryness.

For younger adults and children, excess saliva is trapped in the corners of the mouth while drooling in their sleep or if they are wearing braces. Old age in adults causes wrinkling by aging skin. Deep lines on the corners of the mouth are due to tissue loss and skin thinning over the years. It is evident during the cold seasons because lack of humidity and dry air makes the skin sensitive to crack.

Cracked mouth corners can be treated naturally and by using over-the-counter medication. If the case is severe, you are advised to visit a professional.

Use topical lip  balm

This helps to lock in moisture thus preventing dry and cracked lips. Apply to the affected areas several times in a day as it helps get rid of common fungi and bacteria. Balms that contain beeswax are more effective. Zinc oxide paste which is antifungal can also be applied to the cracked areas, can help keep the skin from other contaminants.

Use of natural remedies

Many natural remedies can help ease the pain and soothe only for a temporary moment. Although if used persistently, they can totally eliminate the problems experienced. Natural oils such as olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and vegetable oil work effectively by providing a moisturising effect. Honey and cucumber slices repair and provide a cooling effect on the cracked areas. Staying hydrated by taking enough glasses of water per day speeds up the process of recovery thereby preventing future occurrences.

Clean dentures thoroughly

If you wear dentures, ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned regularly to avoid inflammation of the underlying tissues. A dentist could give instructions on how to maintain proper denture hygiene. Dentures can be cleaned by using chlorhexidine and leaving them out especially at night helps reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Fill or replace missing teeth

Whenever you experience tooth loss or cracked teeth, it is best to visit a dental clinic and have the missing teeth replaced as soon as possible. When teeth are in good order, it will provide a better support of the lip and facial muscles eventually minimizing the wrinkles at the corners of the lips.

Observance of proper dental hygiene

Brushing and flossing on a daily routine helps to keep the mouth disease-free and healthy. It is safer to use a good chlorohexidine mouth rinse that is anti-inflammatory and help treat minor yeast infections and heal the tissues. Regular dental checkups are also recommended.

Avoid creams that have alcohol

In an attempt to find a remedy for this condition, avoid using over-the-counter creams that contain alcohol or benzyl peroxide. They cause the skin to be very dry and thus making the situation worse.

Maintain a proper diet

Diet is very important in many ways. Drink lots of water, avoid spicy foods and certain dairy products. It is important to take vitamin and mineral supplements especially if your condition is due to lack of nutrients. An increased level of iron in the body reduces the risk. Lack of proper diet and a weak immune system causes the microorganisms in the body to multiply when there are cuts on the mouth corners.

Over-the-counter remedy

If natural home remedies do not work, creams like hydrocortisone can help reduce inflammation. Apply the cream several times a day especially at night. Oral medication could also be administered in order to reduce other related symptoms.

Fixing loose dentures

Visit a dentist as soon as possible when dentures are becoming loose and do not fit properly, it can lead to excess saliva in the mouth. This contributes highly to severe yeast infections.

Prescription medicine

Mouth corners that are cracked are a breeding ground for yeast. Prescription creams which contain ketoconazole, miconazole or clotrimazole can be effective for this condition caused by yeast infection. The cream works by weakening the cell membrane that causes the disease.

Adults who have wrinkled skin around the mouth are often advised to seek dermatological treatment if it is a proven cause. Cracked mouth corners can be confused with an embarrassing condition of herpes. It is easily treatable to help get your mouth back to its good health. It is good to seek professional help if you believe it’s a fungal infection. Dentists experience this condition most times especially from patients who have braces and dentures. At Vita Dental Spring professional treatment is given to avoid the discomfort that comes along with the problem.